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LinkedIn is the leading social media network for professionals and teams to be seen, heard and earn influence. It is not only the most trusted but the largest network of people, organisations and information. Confident action creates attraction. But how do you know what action to take, and which LinkedIn expert to listen to?

Without a LinkedIn strategy your reputation is at risk. In a world that is innovating and automating at speed, attention, engagement and meaningful relationships are at stake. You can ignore LinkedIn, take ad-hoc random action, or get strategic, up-to-date guidance from a credible source.

LinkedIn success starts with strategy.  Invest in up-to-date training with a purpose-driven approach that is customised to your requirements, connects to your vision and leverages your skills and strengths. I believe every individual has value to harness, a voice to be heard and a vision to be shared. Aligned action is key for individual and organisation outcomes.

The LinkedIn training programs delivered are designed to deliver on your objectives and aspirations, not our agenda. Connection is critical for influence and impact.


Illuminate your Brand with LinkedIn

Does your LinkedIn presence generate visibility?

Your LinkedIn Profile is often the first thing listed in Google for your name, and your Page for your organisation. Take control of your positioning and create the right first impression. LinkedIn ignorance results in being overlooked.

Does your LinkedIn content create conversation?

Design a content strategy that delivers your expertise, insights and vision to your target market through your connections, community and colleagues. Harness brand champions by encouraging contribution.

Is your LinkedIn strategy delivering a return on investment?

Being purposeful in your approach and investing time and effort in the right activities and the right people is key. Determine how to measure performance vs effort. Connection and influence start with strategy.

Discover practice and latest features

Reduce risk, wasted time and effort

Take a strategic approach

Awareness, credibility and impact can be compromised without an up to date active LinkedIn presence. It starts with strategy.


Why Invest in LinkedIn Training?

LinkedIn offers so much value and opportunity, but what matters most are your goals and objectives, aligned to your vision. 

Invisibility and Inactivity Erode Influence. Don’t miss out on visibility in LinkedIn and search engines, being seen as the expert or leader in your field, and being top of mind when your ideal clients and audience really need your support.

  • Enhance Your Visibility – Be discovered.
  • Energise Your Presence – Attract ideal clients to your brand.
  • Establish Credibility – Thought leadership activity.
  • Earn Influence – Generate opportunities and leads.
  • Expand Your Impact – Make a difference.

Here are some of the outcomes my clients are looking for.  How many match your outcomes?

Increase Brand Awareness and Digital Footprint

Attract and Convert Qualified Leads


Increase Credibility, Reputation and Trust

Build Thought Leadership and Authority

Attract and Hire the Right Talent

Targeted Networking to Build Relationships

Research and Career Development

Attract Opportunities and Collaborations

Engage Team, Alumni and Community

Promote Events and Experiences

Monitor Industry News and Insights

Harness Talent and Ambassadors

Select your identity


Service-based Organisations & Teams

Are you a marketing, human resources or practice manager seeking to educate and engage your team?

Individual Experts & Thought Leaders

Are you an individual;  ambitious industry expert, aspiring leader or altruistic educator seeking direction?

Education & Training Students & Staff

Are you a university program coordinator looking to inspire or activate your future leaders?

Industry Events & Conferences

Are you an event organiser seeking a speaker to inspire and encourage your audience?

Support options;

  • Presentations – Enlighten, inspire thinking and action.
  • Training Workshops – Education and guidance for groups.
  • Mentoring Programs – Engage with direction and accountability for individuals.
  • Consulting – Execute strategy, design and implementation.



The art and science of personal connection for professional influence.

Developed over decades of experience in connection, collaboration and communication the Connectfluence methodology is built on curiosity and experimentation, engaging with leading LinkedIn specialists, and staying up to date with insights and advancements, coupled with elements of positive psychology and mindset growth.

Jo Saunders brings a deep knowledge, expert insights and proven frameworks to give you a strategic approach to increasing recognition, visibility and influence, without risky hacks and automation.


Programs are underpinned by this methodology, and include a;

  1. Collaborative approach to design with integrity.
  2. Customised training to deliver excellence.
  3. Creative solutions that drive action.
Connectfluence methodology

Why Jo Saunders?

  1. Expert Recognition – Winner of Best Use of LinkedIn Award 2021 and ranked #2 LinkedIn expert in Asia Pacific 2018.
  2. Breadth of experience – LinkedIn training, strategy and consulting delivered to thousands of people across the globe, since 2010.
  3. Qualified & Certified – Training design and development by a certified trainer and delivered by  a qualified member of Professional Speakers Australia operating under a code of conduct.

Jo Saunders, is a sought after independent LinkedIn expert, internationally recognised with a focus on Australian business success. She has an intense curiosity in how LinkedIn can be leveraged to establish connection, enhance credibility and earn influence. Her other strengths include improving, creativity and growth. You will find her often stepping out of the comfort zone, exploring the outdoors and sharing divergent ideas in deep conversations. She is engaged to train, mentor and strategise with teams of entrepreneurial thinkers and talented experts.




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Words from clients

Jo Saunders knows the LinkedIn platform inside and out, is incredibly easy to work with, and knows how to zero in on what YOU need very quickly. Her presentation was an absolutely perfect blend of good humour and great content.  

Marty Wilson, CSP

Speaker Business Academy

Jo is an expert in all things LinkedIn, is very personable and reads her audience well. She explains how important and beneficial this network can be when looking for a job or launching a professional career.

Margo Basto, CPM, GAICD

Santa Maria College

Within 14 days of working with Jo Saunders to up-level my LinkedIn profile, I had landed $16,000 of additional business – directly linked to implementing the tactics and strategies Jo trained me in. That’s a 92% return on the investment in under 2 weeks! 

Ian Stephens, CSP

enRich Training & Development

Jo simplified what can be a daunting subject and gave our whole team a great insight on how to utilise the strengths of the LinkedIn platform. Since then, the increase in engagement and connections on our company page has been fantastic.

Malcolm Lee


Where We Deliver LinkedIn Training

Based in Perth, Jo Saunders provides LinkedIn training, mentoring and conference speaking around Western Australia and anywhere in the world thanks to travel and technology.  

✈️ Western Australia; Albany to Bunbury to Broome.  

✈️ Australia; Adelaide to Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane.  

✈️ Global: New Zealand to Singapore to UK to USA and in between.  

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.  


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