2019 LinkedIn Profile Quest

How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile can enhance your visibility, authority, and influence.

Just like a shadow, your LinkedIn profile follows you around making an impact on your personal brand. It presents a massive opportunity to connect with those who matter in your professional world.

If it’s been a while since you considered your personal brand or you have no clue what to do next with your LinkedIn profile, read on…

Does your LinkedIn Profile STAND OUT and CONNECT?

With seconds to make an impression, your profile is your shop window and your presence creates your digital footprint.

Could you be missing out on showcasing yourself and your expertise?

There are so many great LinkedIn features, that you can leverage to make an impact.

I invest countless hours each week pressing buttons, checking updates, reading articles, knowledge sharing with other experts, chatting to LinkedIn and being asked for advice.

Discover some clever ways to get more success from your LinkedIn usage.

First, 3 quick QUESTIONS….

  1. Is your LinkedIn profile up to date
  2. Are you taking advantage of the new features?
  3. Do your team members who have client facing relationships know how to represent your brand the right way?

LinkedIn Quest


I have set myself a quest to help as many people as I can this year and would love it if you are one of them. For me to do this, I have some bite-sized offerings to show you what to do. Of course, you can engage me to do it for you if you are too busy serving clients, leading your team or are getting ready to sip cocktails by the pool!

I don’t want to limit numbers, but it is first in best dressed as there are only so many hours in a day (even when you are on a quest!).

Click the BUY NOW button, then book in your session. If you prefer an invoice to be issued, then send an email or direct message.

Linkedin Bites

Bite 1 – The VISIBILITY Review…. a 30 min Zoom session to give you instant actionable feedback on your LinkedIn presence. It includes a recording of the session and my blueprint framework. $99 (valued at $210).

Bite 2 – The AUTHORITY Review…. a deeper review in a 60-minute Zoom session to show you the opportunities to use LinkedIn to showcase your expertise through positioning and content. It includes a recording of the session and my blueprint framework $165 (valued at $350).

Bite 3 – The INFLUENCE Review….a 60-minute Zoom session to show you how to expand your network and engage with your audience to build fruitful professional relationships. It includes a recording of the session, my blueprint framework and a recommendation report. $250 (valued at $599).

BONUS – The Gift Package Bites
For those looking for a unique and useful gift for your favourite clients or team members (instead of a leg of ham later to find out they are vegetarian!), save $$$ by buying a pack of 10:

  • Visibility Review            x 10      $900
  • Authority Review           x 10      $1,500
  • Influence Review           x 10      $1,900

Email or direct message to book the Gift Package.

7 Day LinkedIn Challenge

7 DAY CHALLENGE – My Gift to You

If the packages aren’t for you then I hope to inspire you to review your own presence and give it a little love and attention. Please download my Profile Blueprint LINK in this article.

And take part in my no cost 7 Day Challenge, where each day you will receive another set of actions.  

Will you join me on my quest? Let’s give LinkedIn some love and set the course for 2019.

Email or message me on LinkedIn with I’m Ready for the LinkedIn Quest

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