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LinkedIn training - Jo Saunders

LinkedIn Presentation & Workshop

Thanks for attending my LinkedIn presentation and workshop at the Asia Pacific Conference.

Find below my slides for both sessions, profile blueprint and additional resources to get your head around how you can leverage LinkedIn to be a make a difference and get in front of the people you want to influence.

Jo Saunders - LinkedIn Training

 LinkedIn Training Perth // Jo Saunders, LinkedIn Expert & Keynote Speaker

With more than 675M+ members, a steady growth of 2 new members per second, and 30M+ companies listed, LinkedIn is an essential marketing and sales tool for anyone in any organisation aspiring to make a difference. 40% of monthly active users are reported to log in daily, and engagement is increasing year on year.

Are you making a great first impression? 

  • Do you have a profile that stands out
  • Does it connect to your organisation?
  • Are you building a network of relevant professionals?
  • Are you engaging with people of influence?
  • Are you engaging with the Dialight brand?



Review my slides and blueprint, and create your action to rebrand your LinkedIn Profile.  Then engage my help to review your LinkedIn presencetrain your team, and stay in action.

LinkedIn Conference Slides

LinkedIn Profile Blueprint Free Download


The 5 Most Important Parts of Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Visuals – Consider the impression your profile photo and background make.
  2. Value –  Craft positioning copy with personality for your Headline, About and Experience.
  3. Validation – Leverage skill endorsement and Recommendations.
  4. Video – Create a compelling video (and other media) to support your profile.
  5. Voice – Share your passion and personality through relevant engagement, posts and articles.

LinkedIn Networking

Connect or follow the people of influence, the organisations they work with, and the people you want to influence.

  • Who are the decision-makers that you could follow or connect to?
  • Who else works for or with the organisations that are worth engaging with?
  • Don’t forget to follow the company page.

Creating, curating and conversing on LinkedIn allows you to reach your network beyond your 1stdegree connections. Focus on posting content that adds value not volume and put the 90% of your focus into relationship-building activities. Post and engage consistently to increase your visibility to start building authority for yourself and your organisation, and take the time to join conversations and invite engagement to build influence.

5 LinkedIn Mistakes

  1. 3rd Person – It is hard to connect with someone talking about themselves, so I recommend writing in the first person.
  2. 1-way communication – Build relationships through engaging and talk WITH your network.
  3. Incomplete – Minimal info and gaps can lead to questions. Increase your visibility and impact by completing each section of your profile. 
  4. Out of date – If you haven’t touched your profile for 5 years, now is the time to review it. Update your profile images and content often to reflect who and where you are now.
  5. Not having one!  – Not being found can hurt your professional brand. Make it easy for others to find, engage and reference you. Invest in your digital footprint.

10 LinkedIn Profile Essentials

  1. Branded headline – 120 character positioning statement. WATCH >>>
  2. Branded visuals –  Use a photo of the version of you that shows up to meetings with new clients, decision-makers or stakeholders. And embrace visual storytelling with your background image.
  3. 1st person copy – Tell your story with personality, and infuse passion and purpose using my framework (refer to LinkedIn Profile Blueprint).
  4. Optimised experience – Focus on outcomes and achievements (include internships and work experience).
  5. Media – Include a video introduction to your profile, or your organisation or cause, media stories, achievements, PDF resume or bio, portfolio links …
  6. Relevant skills – Make the top 3 pinned skills the most relevant and seek endorsement.
  7. Recommendations – Ask for them and give them where relevant. READ: How to say thanks with a LinkedIn Recommendation
  8. Contact details – Make sure they are up to date and professional: mobile – email – website/blog.
  9. Connect to organisations – Link your experience and education to the correct Page
  10. Add value –  Find your voice and start putting yourself out there by creating and sharing content (posts and articles) and most importantly engaging with your network. READ: How to publish content on LinkedIn

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