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Here are my slides and a link to my Profile Blueprint to help you get started reviewing and updating your own profile, and your executive’s LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn Profile Blueprint


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 LinkedIn Profile Audit



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“Talk WITH not AT your connections”
Jo Saunders



Top 5 LinkedIn Mistakes

  1. 3rd Person Summary – self-focus
  2. 1-way communication – no engagement
  3. Impersonal  – no personality – default messages used
  4. Spammy – salesy tactics & automation
  5. Out of date & inactive  

Don’t be a LinkedIn Robot!

Top 10 Profile Essentials

  1. Well-positioned headline – 120 character positioning statement
  2. Branded visuals – background & profile photo
  3. 1st person client-focussed summary – Tell your story using my formula
  4. Optimised experience – Focus on outcomes and problem solving with personality
  5. Media – video, PDF documents, testimonials…
  6. Relevant skills – top 3 most relevant (expertise/delivery)
  7. Accomplishments -memberships, accreditations, publishings, projects
  8. Contact details – mobile – email – web
  9. Recommendations – ask 3-7 days after every engagement
  10. Add value –  articles, posts, and engagement
    Example schedule:
  • Monthly article
  • 1:9   (1 relevant valuable post – 9 engagements (likes, comments)

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