DFK LinkedIn Masterclass

DFK LinkedIn Masterclass 

Thanks for attending my masterclass. Here are the resources to use when updating your LinkedIn presence, including my slides and a link to my Profile Blueprint.


LinkedIn Profile Blueprint

If you would like to receive an update of my blueprint whenever it is updated (as LinkedIn changes) then feel free to sign up for updates via this LINK


What are your top 3 actions or tips you took away from the presentation? Feel free to share with me via LinkedIn message or email.

Top 5 LinkedIn Mistakes

  1. 3rd Person Summary – It is hard to connect with someone talking about themselves, so write in the first person.
  2. 1-way communication – Talking AT your network isn’t the best way to build relationships – Engage.
  3. Incomplete – update your profile as you achieve more and learn more about yourself and your purpose.
  4. Spammy –  Build relationships rather than trying to sell something or yourself too soon.
  5. Out of date & inactive  – Update your brand image and content often (use keywords) & engage with your network.

Top 10 Profile Essentials

  1. Well-positioned headline – 120 character positioning statement.
  2. Branded visuals – Background & profile photo.
  3. 1st person summary – Tell your story with personality, using my formula.
  4. Optimised experience – Focus on outcomes and achievements (include internships and work experience).
  5. Media – Include a video introduction, PDF resume, portfolio links …
  6. Relevant skills – Make top 3 most relevant (expertise/delivery) and seek endorsement.
  7. Accomplishments – Add memberships, accreditations, awards, publishings, projects.
  8. Contact details – Make sure they are up to date and professional: mobile – email – website/blog.
  9. Connect to organisations – Link your experience and education to the the correct Page
  10. Add value –  Find your voice and write articles, create intersting posts, and most importantly engage with your network.

Example content scheulde

  • Monthly article
  • 1:19   (Share 1 relevant valuable post – 19 engagements (likes, comments)

Further Reading


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Need LinkedIn Help?

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