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If you and your organisation are looking to understand LinkedIn, social media and digital communication, you are in the right place.  My aim is to demystify LinkedIn® and social media tools, for organisational and personal professional branding in order to gain more exposure, attract more leads to convert more clients.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform, with over half a billion users in over 200 countries. It can be used by to be found, remembered and then chosen, through;

  1. Creating a customer centric profile
  2. Building an engaged network
  3. Establishing thought leadership

I can be engaged to run a workshop, seminar, or presentation, at your next conferences, via webinar, or in-house for your organisation. My training style is conversational, interactive and flexible.


  • Demystifying LinkedIn for small business
  • LinkedIn for teams
  • Building your practice with LinkedIn for professionals
  • Career growth with LinkedIn and social media
  • Best practice professional networking
  • The importance of values, vision and voice in professional branding
  • Building a strong career brand
  • The 5 core parts of your LinkedIn profile
  • How to be findable on LinkedIn
  • Best practice connection strategy to build relationships on desktop and mobile
  • Content publishing and marketing strategies to increase exposure and engagement
  • Strategies to drive traffic to your website
  • How to connect to and leverage your company page
  • How to build and leverage social proof
  • How to find the right people using Advanced Search
  • Social selling strategies to build relationships with prospects
  • How to manage your privacy and settings
  • Other tools that add value to the LinkedIn experience


  1. » Described as the Key Person of Influence for LinkedIn®, by Australian branding expert Kon Iatrou.
  2. » She will help you (and your team) ignite the fire for LinkedIn® so that you feel inspired and confident to use it as a marketing and communication platform for ‘your brand’.
  3. » Her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm removes the cloud of mist to demystify marketing tools such as LinkedIn®.
  4. » Jo is described as engaging, authentic and incredibly generous with her knowledge.
  5. » Invited to speak at the largest gathering of Social Media experts on the planet – Social Media Marketing World #SMMW18
  6. » 7+ years experience delving into LinkedIn.
  7. » Named one of the top 200 Global LinkedIn Practitioners.

LinkedIn training



International LinkedIn expert, digital marketing strategist and social media educator, Jo Saunders, guides professionals and organisations to use social media tools to build their brand and grow their business. Known as Australia’s LinkedIn Demystifier, she has been helping individuals connect and communicate since the early 90s, through pen and paper, events and social media.

Jo is co-author of ‘Get Good or Get Off – A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media’, and has trained thousands of professionals around the world, to establish brand message, build thought leadership and engage with their ideal audience in the era of social business.

To discuss your needs and check availability please call : 0422 431 039

Jo Saunders - LinkedIn Training


“Jo’s expert knowledge of the benefits and quirks of LinkedIn use were apparent throughout the session. Her ability to tailor her tips through examples that met and engaged the broad range of people present (ranging from students, through recent graduates to career professionals) was impressive.” – Brett Killen (Perth, Western Australia)

“Jo’s not over-promising when she calls her company “Wildfire Social Marketing”! I was amazed by the visibility that her communications program generated for me.” – Kimberly Wiefling (USA)

“Enter Jo Saunders of Wildfire Social Marketing – the Key Person of Influence for LinkedIN. I attended her 1/2 day workshop and left the course feeling highly educated, ‘de-confused’ about how LinkedIN works and confident to work on my profile and business page so that it rocks!” – Kon Iatrou (Melbourne, Australia)

“I’ve attended a number of workshops held by Jo and I’ve found every single one of them to be informative, educational and full of useful tips and tricks. For anything social media or LinkedIn, Jo would always be my first point of contact.” – Jill Dixon (Perth, Western Australia)

LinkedIn Training Perth

“The ‘Linked In Demystifyer’ is a very apt catch-cry for Jo because that’s exactly what she does – she removes the mystery, debunks the myths and enables her clients to cut through the fog so they can showcase their businesses in the best possible light.” – Tony Inman (Perth, Western Australia)

“Jo’s workshop truly did demystify the various features of LinkedIn. She provided a step-by-step approach to improving your LinkedIn profile for better online engagement.” – Khyati Kapai (Singapore)

“Jo’s extremely insightful training session included breaking the task of building a stellar LinkedIn profile into simple, workable segments. She was open and candid as she delivered, and she welcomed questions as she spoke, which meant that specific issues could be raised and addressed on the spot – something that benefitted everyone present.” – Edwina Fraser (Singapore)

“Jo Saunder’s LinkedIn Workshop was one of the best workshops I have attended, it was educational and hands on…you come away ‘with new skills’ and feeling inspired and motivated to continue learning and using LinkedIn as a marketing and social media platform for ‘your brand’ ” – Debbie Bridges (Dunsborough, Western Australia)

LinkedIn Training

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