How to Build your LinkedIn Profile even if you Think you Have a #BoringBusiness

LinkedIn interview on the #BoringBusiness Podcast with Jo Saunders

LinkedIn is the platform I specialise in, but I love meeting and connecting with people in person. Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW18) is the largest social media conference in the world, bringing together specialists, experts and supporters of social media topics, tools and techniques.  I met many fabulous people over the 4 days in San Diego, including the lovely people in this photo. This blog is about the fabulous social media specialist sitting next to me, Desiree Martinez of All in One Social Media, currently based in Korea. I met Desiree at a breakfast hosted by Thinkific (the online training platform), …


How to Manage Professional Relationships with Nimble


In business how do you manage professional relationships? LinkedIn may be the platform you use to connect and engage with your network, but how do you strategically keep track of and manage your professional relationships that matter? Since the loss of the relationship function to be Basic account which offered a very simple CRM.  You could upgrade to a premium account, such as Sales Navigator, or invest in a fabulous contact management tool that offers a full-blown CRM for a fraction of the cost. I have been a Nimble user for a few years and am excited about the expansion …

How to Back Up Your LinkedIn Profile and Protect your Data

When was the last time you backed up your LinkedIn data and connections? LinkedIn, and other social media platforms are great until they are broken.  One way to break your online profile is to make a mistake and have the account suspended.  Is it time to back up your LinkedIn profile? If you rely on a social network such as LinkedIn as your only database, online dossier, and content source, there is a huge risk. We have little control over the platform and features, don’t ‘own’ our list on most platforms as the data is stuck in the platform. LinkedIn …

3 LinkedIn Spam Risks and How to Avoid Them

LinkedIn Spam

Think about this, we just connected on LinkedIn but does this mean  you have permission to add me to your mailing list?  Have I actually opted in? The answer is no.  In order to subscribe I need to complete your opt-in form, or tell you I want to subscribe. On LinkedIn I am your connection, not a subscriber of your list. Do you realise that when you use LinkedIn the wrong way, that you are seriously damaging your brand? LinkedIn is a fabulous tool you can use to be recognised, remembered and recommended – when used the right way. It doesn’t come …

How you can Become a LinkedIn Guru in 18 Steps

How to become a LinkedIn Guru

I’m known as an international LinkedIn expert, the LinkedIn Demystifier, and some even call me a LinkedIn guru, but what does this mean? What is a LinkedIn Guru and how can YOU become a LinkedIn guru?   Having up to date knowledge and expertise around LinkedIn and social media strategy makes me a specialist and even a LinkedIn expert, but you won’t hear me calling myself a guru, but when others use the term I see it for the compliment that it is. How can you become a LinkedIn Guru too? I found the secret formula to becoming a social …


How to Publish Content on LinkedIn Using Article Marketing Strategies

Did you know that you can share your blog content or publish articles directly on the LinkedIn platform?  There is so much more to publishing an article on LinkedIn than writing and hitting Publish.  We will step through how to publish content on LinkedIn, and how to get maximum leverage. The 7 Step LinkedIn Content Marketing Process Plan the quarter or year. This removes the decision making which can slow you down. Write with a framework. You may find while in the ‘zone’, you can write multiple articles in one session to maximise your creative energy. Publish your content, which includes formatting, …

The LinkedIn Direct Links List

LinkedIn Lost and Found-Shutterstock

The LinkedIn interface is constantly evolving, with features moving like the staircases at Hogwarts. Some are removed, others are moved and some links are no longer anywhere in a menu. Save time, stress, and stop pulling out your hair by bookmarking this list of direct links to hidden or old features, such as how to get back to your draft articles. Some links will require replacing my username ‘josaunders’ with your username, or my company page info with yours. NOTE: this list is current at the time of publishing. If you discover new links or ones that no longer work, feel free …


How to use LinkedIn Native Video

Better late than never. LinkedIn is finally rolling out native video to the mobile app. Being a B2B and career platform, video adds another layer to your professional storytelling ability without having to create and publish elsewhere. Thanks to Koka Sexton for the heads up. From sharing video with updates, to attaching video as rich media, smart professionals and marketers have been using video for years, understanding the growing value proposition it offers. Now LinkedIn are giving us native video to finally catch up with other major social networks. The difference with LinkedIn is that the purpose of the platform is …

LinkedIn + Coffee + 2 x 10 mins

LinkedIn and Coffee

Success in business or your career is largely about relationships. The more authentic relationships you invest in building, the more ‘visible’ you become, and the more chance you have of receiving referrals and new clients. This applies to using LinkedIn, social media, emails, the phone and networking in person. When it comes to networking events, there is massive opportunity in building relationships, but it does mean showing up regularly, to be top of mind. Consistency breeds connection. Likewise, if you are hit and miss when it comes to showing up online, expect minimal results.