Connectfluence Club

This club was created to support, guide and encourage the art of personal connection for professional influence, or what I like to call Connectfluence.


If you are confused, overwhelmed and a little scared of stuffing up your LinkedIn and online presence read on. 


Confidence comes from being more curious, courageous and creative, even if you don’t think you are!  When we have clarity in who we are, we better connect with others, enabling inspiration, influence and impact on those you are here to serve and support.

What is your challenge with LinkedIn?

Lacking Strategy

Do you feel overwhelmed, confused or nervous about using LinkedIn?

Lacking Time

Are you unsure what to focus on and where to invest your limited time and energy?

Lacking Results

Do you feel overlooked, underestimated or misunderstood on LinkedIn?

What is the Connectfluence Club?

A blend of coaching, mentoring and training to support your LinkedIn strategy development, streamline your tools and tactics and harness your skills and strengths. Expect elements of information, insights and inspiration, with a dose of positive psychology, community engagement, challenges, accountable action, performance tracking and much more.

The Connectfluence Club is a place to build;
1. Intentional Character
2. Influential Content
3. Impactful Connection

The main vehicle is LinkedIn, but the strategies flow into your online and offline presence, from your positioning, the content you publish and the people you choose to engage with.

Who is it for?
  • Consultants and advisors
  • Coaches
  • Educators and trainers
  • Speakers and facilitators
  • Academic researchers
  • Marketing practitioners
  • Business development specialists
  • Career-driven team members
  • Business owners
What is required?
  • A sense of knowing you can make more impact.
  • Desire for deeper self connection.
  • A growth mindset, open to learning and improving.
  • A dash of curiosity… what if thinking.
  • A blend of logical and emotional thinking.
  • Willingness to lean into adventure with courage.
  • Readiness to explore outside of your comfort zone.
  • A level of expertise and experience.
  • Commitment to action and prioritising your vision.
What's included?
  • Self-assessments
  • Live virtual themed group sessions;
     – Training and update sessions
     – Co-working sessions
  • Challenges and quests
  • Library of resources
  • Recommended tools
  • Community
  • Action and performance tracking

Program Components

▶︎ Character

Values, strengths and purpose driven positioning.

▶︎ Course

Strategic direction driven by vision and mission.

▶︎ Curiosity

What if thinking, problem solving and solution mindset.

▶︎ Capability

Identify and leverage strengths and behaviour preferences.

▶︎ Creativity

Challenge the norms and lean into divergent thinking.

▶︎ Connection

Target audience, market, ideal clients and network.

▶︎ Courage

Release limiting beliefs and take positive action. 

▶︎ Competence

Build skills and identify resources.

▶︎ Capacity

Develop a system of clear steps for tactics and process for support.

▶︎ Confidence

Intentional aligned action with commitment and conviction.

Meet the founder: Jo Saunders

My mission is to instigate curious thinking, influence confident mindset shifts and inspire courageous action. I aim to be a catalyst for connection to self, others and environment.

Leverage my divergent thinking, excitement and blunt with heart honesty when you are struggling with permission to be all you aspire to be. Unlock your creativity, step into the unknown and realise your inner ambitions with a cheerleader, coach and co-creator beside you.

I’m Jo Saunders, a positioning strategist known for my LinkedIn expertise, supporting ambitious industry experts, aspiring leaders and altruistic educators to connect with your network, your audience, and your community, by first connecting with yourself.



When working with me...

Be prepared for;
  • Divergent thinking
  • Positive disruption
  • Overflowing ideas
  • Strategic guidance
  • Encouragement
  • Facilitated contribution
  • Introductions
  • Direct feedback from the heart
  • Celebrating wins big or small!
Expect to;
  • Play to your strengths.
  • Leverage your skills.
  • Be in alignment with your values.
  • Convert inspiration to implementation.
  • Build your competence.
  • Be accountable for your actions.
  • Show up, share and support.
  • Make sense of struggles and break through blocks.
  • Perform with purpose.

Potential outcomes?

Move through confusion, overwhelm, fear of failure and imposter syndrome, to clarity, courage and confidence in using LinkedIn as part of your brand impact toolkit.

Increase your:

  • Visibility and awareness
  • Value and credibility
  • Viability and influence
  • Vision lead impact


Do you want to;

  • Express yourself more effectively.
  • Engage strategically
  • Energise your industry
  • Enhance your credibility and influence your reputation
  • Enlist support and attract interest
  • Empower your community
  • Establish a cadence of purposeful content

Ready to get started?

Apply to join today to build your LinkedIn strategy.

Still have questions?

Book a discussion to determine the right fit for you right now, or ask questions about how to work with Jo.