How can schools and their teams use LinkedIn?

Linkedin is the largest professional network and ranks highly in search results, but are people seeking a school for their children in LinkedIn? Possibly not, but of this network of professionals, many will have children. Why not build a presence to intersect where the eyes are, while amplifying the brand presence within search?

Whether a school is looking to be positioned as a school of choice for families or teachers, is seeking to build relationships with strategic partners and community, are seeking to make a difference or to showcase the achievements, then this platform is worth adding to the marketing and communications toolkit.

Here are 3 ways a school can leverage LinkedIn, and its features to reach the right people.

  1. Build a branded, optimised company page;
    • Brand Strategy
    • Visuals – Logo and cover image
    • Copy – optimised about info
    • CTA button
  2. Create a content strategy to increase the visibility of the school and engage the network;
    • Examples include celebrating achievements, such as ATAR results, graduating class and academic achievement.
    • Frequency
    • Topics / themes
    • Types; Text / Video / Images / Links
    • Community engagement
  3. Showcase the talent within the school through optimising individual profiles.
    • Create profile guidelines
    • Train the team

Team LinkedIn Strategy

The people listed as employees are representing the school brand. Do they have direction and training on how to best represent your brand? They show up on the People tab of your school page and on the employee search results list. Their profile is a digital representation of their own brand as it intersects with the school brand, so direction and guidelines could be useful. How can you showcase them and leverage their individual thought leadership and profile?

Staff LinkedIn Profiles

Here are some things to consider when it comes to your staff profiles;

  1. Photo – does it represent them as a teacher within your organisation?
  2. Headline – Are they positioned in the role, the value they offer and the school?
  3. Background image – Does this brand your school or their expertise?
  4. Contact Info – Are they in control of the information they share?
  5. Experience;
    • Title – Is the role and expertise communicated?
    • School – Does the role connect to the company page?
    • Description – Do they share the value they provide and/or the value of the school?
    • Skills – Have they listed their specific skill set?
    • Recommendations – Do they have recent recommendations?
    • Accomplishments – Have they added awards, memberships, publications and professional development?
    • Interests – Do they follow your school, relevant organisations, topics and groups?


How are the top Performing schools in WA using LinkedIn to celebrate their position to start 2019?

1. Perth Modern School

No Page

2. Carmel School

Followers – 3
Employees – 3
Branding – none
About info – none
Content – None

3. St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

Followers – 320
Employees – 116
Branding – logo but no cover image
About info – Complete & tag line
Content: Last update 1 week ago (only update)

  • Year 10 Career Day

4. MLC

Followers – 428
Employees – 254
Branding – logo and cover image
About info – complete
Jobs – job openings listed to reach the Linkedin network

Content: Last update today

5. St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls

Followers – 691
Alumni – 400
Employees – 130
Branding – logo and cover image
About info – complete
Content: Last update 2 months ago

6. Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont

Followers – 133
Employees – 66
Branding – logo and cover image
About info – brief
Content: None

7. Santa Maria College

Followers – 283
Alumni – 9
Employees – 165
Branding – logo and cover image
About info – brief + Tag line
Content: Last update 2 months ago

  • Religion
  • Awards nights
  • Art exhibition
  • Career development
  • Activities; Sport / Camp
  • Guests visitors
  • Community

8. Rossmoyne Senior High School

Followers – 65
Employees – 37
Branding – none
About info – no description
Content: None

9. Hale School

Followers – 257
Employees – 179
Branding – Logo and cover image
About info
Jobs – Last 4 months ago
Content: Last post 8 months ago

10. Wesley College

Followers – 884
Alumni – 549
Employees – 107
Branding – Logo and cover image
About info – brief
Content: Last post 2 days ago

  • New website
  • Media – Top schools list
  • ATAR results
  • Magazine
  • Departing staff
  • News & feature articles
  • Traditions & culture – Year 12 farewell
  • Exhibitions
  • Recognition & wins

How can your school use LinkedIn?

  • Can your school represent itself better online?
  • Do you have content to share?
  • Can you engage your community?

Some of the top schools are sharing great content, but not all are leveraging LinkedIn to showcase the value of the school and their achievements, particularly being on the list of top schools.

Should your school need some support and guidance, get in touch.  As a leading LinkedIn specialist who works with teams, business, individuals, students and graduates I am able to see the opportunity from all angles. I deliver training for students, parents, staff and marketing staff.


Jo Saunders is an international LinkedIn expert, marketing strategist, and social media educator, who shows leaders, teams and graduates how to increase visibility, establish authority and earn influence using LinkedIn and social marketing tools. She was named #2 LinkedIn Expert in Asia Pacific for 2018 by the Social Media Marketing Institute, and is co-author of ‘Get Good or Get Off – A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media’. Book Jo to review or build your online presence or deliver professional development for your staff.