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2023 09 Leverage LinkedIn Collaborative Articles

What is a LinkedIn Collaborative Article?

Are your peers getting mentioned and you want to know how you can too?  Let’s unpack this LinkedIn content feature and then you can determine if it fits your LinkedIn strategy and how can you use it. 

Collaborative articles are an initiative that allows you to contribute to a developing piece of content, or learn about a topic. They are knowledge topics, aligned with skills, developed by the editorial team using AI and published by LinkedIn, but they are incomplete. Additional insights and ideas, experiences and examples are added by invited experts and the wider LinkedIn community.  

If you haven’t been invited to contribute to LinkedIn Collaborative Articles, here is how to find them to contribute your perspective, insights and wisdom alongside the invited experts!  

When you add value and people react to your contribution, you can be identified as a Top Voice, which adds a badge to your profile. 

When you see this on any profile you can click on the badge for context. 


Watch this overview to gain a deeper understanding of the part they can play on LinkedIn 


Where do you find collaborative articles on LinkedIn? 

  1. You may see them in your feed as a Suggested topic to contribute to. 

For example; 

  1. You may see notifications about your connections contributing to a collaborative article, that you can look at and add a contribution of your own.  
  1. You can search for them via this direct link. 

Here are some of the topics you can consider contributing to; 

Action: Select 3-5 key topics that align with your expertise and positioning, and review the content.  Save the links and determine how often to review and consider contributing. 


  • Support or use the topic; 
  • Like or react to, Share (as a post or message) and save the collaborative article post 
  • Side tip – look for ideas for your own content. 
  • Engage with professionals; 
  • Like or react to a contribution, and possibly connect or follow the contributor. 
  • Reference their contribution in a direct message to show interest and build rapport. 
  • Share the link with someone to add value and build your relationship around interests. 
  • Add your perspective to any point within the collaborative article. 
  • Add a layer, augment your insights, ideas and experiences onto what has already been said in a positive manner.  Perception matters. 
  • Be first to contribute to a topic. Look for opportunities to stand out in a relevant valuable way. 


At the end of every article, you can rate the overall quality of the article to help LinkedIn improve the content experience. Scroll to the bottom for more options to provide feedback and find more content to review and follow. 

    • Follow the topic 
    • Rate the article 
  • Report the article 
  • Contribute to other articles 


Let LinkedIn know the topic is of interest by following, either at the bottom of the article, or where you see content in the feed or on a profile activity. 


Your comments will show up as part of your profile activity, under the comments tab, and may show up in the home feed. The more active you are, the further you have to scroll!  So if you want to reference a comment later, capture the text and link. 

You can see it on your own profile and others can see it too if they look at the comments tab. 


Investing time and effort into contributing value directly into the article is great, but be sure to capture a copy of your contribution for repurposing, expanding and republishing elsewhere.   

Copy and paste into your content planner or a place you capture thoughts and ideas. I like to use OneNote for this purpose, so everything is in one place. You may want to also copy the link to your contribution to add to your content planner, or bookmarking systems in your browser to make it easy to find again or share in future. Click on the 3 dots below your contribution and select copy link to contribution. 

Here is the direct link to this one: 

It is a very long link. The info before the ? Is the collaborative article link: 

More info from LinkedIn Help.


Have a think about how you can use this LinkedIn feature to amplify your presence, demonstrate expertise and build credibility, in addition to sourcing ideas for  prompts for your own content which you publish.

If content is on your agenda, and you want to start building your visibility through value and voice, then let’s chat about how I can support you along your thought leadership journey. 

To discuss your LinkedIn strategy for 2023, book a Discovery Call with the Connection Catalyst. 

Jo Saunders is a LinkedIn strategist, mentor and educator known as a LinkedIn expert in Australia. She is on a quest to encourage experts, leaders and change makers to leverage LinkedIn to establish connection, enhance credibility and earn influence, to make a bigger impact.  

A sought-after independent LinkedIn specialist, Jo is engaged to strategise and train teams of entrepreneurial thinkers and talented experts making a difference in the world of their clients. Fuelled by curiosity, creativity and chai, she aims to inspire clients to find their voice, build their network and create a quest that aligns with their purpose. 

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