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In a time of COVID19, disruption and change, LinkedIn is the platform to remain connected and visible.  To build your professional presence, increase your credibility and thought leadership, and build relationships, in order to stay relevant and top of mind understand how to use LinkedIn effectively.

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn During a Time of Disruption

Take a look at your own LinkedIn profile from the eyes of your ideal employer, recruiter or client. 

  1. Does it sell your value? 
  2. Does it communicate your credibility? 
  3. Does it inspire you to get in touch?

Why Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not just for job seekers, it is the largest professional and most trusted social network. With more than 690M+ members, a steady growth of 2 new members per second, and 50M+ companies listed, LinkedIn has become an essential marketing and sales tool. 

Whether you are looking to raise awareness, attract clients, opportunities, strategic partners, donors or stakeholders, grow your team, or conduct research, LinkedIn is a massive database of people, companies and content. It can be used by anyone in any organisation aspiring to make a difference, particularly in current times.

The opportunities are endless, and you don’t need a huge budget to gain visibility. LinkedIn report that over the COVID19 isolation period, content in the feed has increased 48%.

5 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

  1. 3rd Person – It is hard to connect with someone talking about themselves, so write in the first person.
  2. 1-way communication – Talking AT your network isn’t the best way to build relationships – Engage and talk WITH them.
  3. Incomplete – Minimal info and gaps can lead to questions. Increase your visibility and impact by completing each section of your profile. 
  4. Out of date – If you haven’t touched your profile for 5 years, now is the time to review it. Update your profile images and content often to reflect who and where you are now.
  5. Not having one!  – Not being found can hurt your professional brand. Make it easy for others to find, engage and reference you. Invest in your digital footprint.


Watch this video to gain insights into what you can do to your profile right now to stay ahead.

This webinar discussion was delivered for the UWA MBA alumni program.


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