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Ignite your team to illuminate your brand.

LinkedIn is the leading social media network for organisations. It is not only the most trusted but the largest network of people and has moved beyond a resume and recruitment tool to a relevant tool for every successful business.  

Imagine if your team were empowered to transfer their talent to thought leadership that transforms thinking and translates to influence and impact.  

The online presence creates a perception which influences reality and reputation. Make it easy for your team to be referenced and referred, and to create relationships that go beyond ‘Congrats on your work anniversary’. Confident action creates attraction. 

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How successful is your team when it comes to LinkedIn?

Increase your team influence by guiding them to create a branded profile, moving towards creating an optimised and energised presence. Establish engagement habits that start with being reactive, then improve beyond responsive to proactive; changing their status from being a visible specialist, to trusted expert and ultimately a sought-after leader.


Effective Teams Leverage LinkedIn

  1. Clarity comes from strategy:
    To manage your reputation and maximise results your organisation requires a strategy with direction for best practice.
  2. Reverse the risk and reap the rewards:
    Without guidance your team are either invisible, under-leveraged or they are risking reputation and relationships through random actions.
  3. Connection to purpose enable contribution:
    By understanding how LinkedIn works and the power of contributing, enhance credibility and make a bigger impact.
  4. Encourage champions who contribute:
    When your teams are upskilled and unleashed with guidance, they engage community and instil trust to enhance the marketing and advertising strategies and increase brand visibility.
  5. Create a culture of collective success:
    Harness your talent as assets and ambassadors for your brand. When an organisation and team work together not only do your staff raise their profile, they contribute to your business success.
Methodology Model

The Connectfluence® methodology underpins our LinkedIn training programs, which combines my expert insights, deep knowledge and proven framework developed over the last decade. My programs will assist your team to increase their visibility, recognition and influence which will help them make a bigger impact.

The LinkedIn training programs are designed to develop brand ambassadors and illuminate thought leaders and change makers in your organisation. Transforming your team from confused and unclear, to confident, connected and capitalised.

Organisations generally know they need to start using LinkedIn but lack the clarity and confidence in how to use it. Where it fits into their objectives and what is possible from this innovative platform.

Most digital marketing agencies lack the depth and breadth of how really use and leverage LinkedIn beyond advertising and lead generation campaigns.

The level of mastery you want to achive is determined by the rate of activation and investment your team have in the program.

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  1. Strategise Determine your objectives, goals and the resources you have available to give direction.  
  2. Analyse Review where your organisation is right now and identify the gaps and opportunities for growth.  
  3. Synchronise Training design and delivery to match your organisation needs. 
  4. Socialise Implement learnings and create habits through strategic action. 
  5. Systemise Create a process, review progress and make adjustments.

Our programs can be delivered to your leadership, sales or marketing teams. The best results come from a collaborative approach, working with key stakeholders at each stage of the program.  

“Jo simplified what can be a daunting subject and gave our whole team a great insight on how to utilise the strengths of the LinkedIn platform. Since then, the increase in engagement and connections on our company page has been fantastic.”
– Malcolm Lee  Managing Director & VP of Operations Asia Pacific, Dialight 

“Our staff now understand the importance of LinkedIn for our business and are much more likely to engage. As a result, we have seen significant improvements to our social media reach.”
– Kelly Oversby  Marketing Manager, Dialight 

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