How to Publish a LinkedIn Newsletter

LinkedIn Newsletter

If you write blogs, film video, have a podcast or are interviewed then a newsletters on LinkedIn may be worth adding to your content strategy.

A LinkedIn newsletter is a set of articles published by an individual profile or company page. Essentially a LinkedIn newsletter is the distribution and collation service for articles, which are blog style long-form content published directly onto LinkedIn. Once activated, a landing page, where people can learn about your newsletter and see past editions is automatically created.  View my newsletter landing page. 

Newsletters are available to admins of a Company Page with organisation publishing capabilities.

From an individual perspective, the newsletter feature is only available to those who have Creator Mode turned on and meet the criteria. Content publishing is at the core of the decision to turn on Creator Mode, and timing is key to launching a newsletter. The only time at present to invite your connections and followers to subscribe is on publishing your first issue.  So your focus may be on building a following before launching your newsletter. Discover more about Creator Mode and if it is right for you.

Set up your LinkedIn Newsletter

Now you have decided the time is right, get clear on your plans for your newsletter. Once you know the theme brainstorm the topics or content pillars that you will include.   Determine;

  • A name for your newsletter that communicates the theme and value to your audience.
  • A logo for your newsletter (300 x 300 pixels recommended).
  • Structure , such as one main article with short features linking to other content such as blogs, posts or upcoming events.
  • The publishing frequency

  1. Turn on Creator Mode if not already on. Check that you have access to the newsletter feature under Creator tools.
  2. Prepare your first article and get it formatted for publishing. Save as Draft.
  3. Set up your newsletter

Newsletter set up

Newsletter Publishing Tips

  1. Upload a relevant image for each individual article in your newsletter (1280 x 720 pixels recommended). This can be a PNG, JPG or even a GIF.  Create in Canva.
  2. Choose a compelling headline for each newsletter article using words your audience understand and may be searching for.
  3. Focus on delivering value in your content and making it easy to read by using white space, short paragraphs and sub headings, and embedding media such as images and video.
  4. You may decide to have a feature topic, a couple of sub-topics, and a call to action.
  5. Always introduce your article in a post to let your audience know what value is in the content for them. Ask a question to encourage engagement when you share your newsletter in a post.
  6. You can publish up to one article every 24 hours, but this may be too much to maintain. Choose a frequency that suits you without overwhelming your intended audience.  Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly may be more suitable.
  7. Determine the structure and use a newsletter to promote other content on your blog, YouTube video, relevant LinkedIn and social media posts, slide presentations, click able images, calendars etc. 

Structure your LinkedIn newsletter

Newsletter Promotion Tips

  1. Highlight your newsletter in the featured section of your profile so your audience can quickly find the latest newsletter and subscribe.
  2. Share your newsletter articles or your newsletter page to your LinkedIn network.
  3. Share your newsletter articles or your newsletter page to other social platforms and via email to increase your reach and encourage subscribers.

When you share an article that is a part of a newsletter, or share the newsletter page, those not subscribed will see the option to subscribe.

Your newsletter may be suggested in the My Network area.

Newsletter suggestions

View your Subscribers

As the author of a newsletter you can click to see your list of subscribers, and view their name, profile photo, and headline, in addition to their relationship to you (i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd) and you can click through to their profile to learn more, subject to their privacy settings.

Newsletter Subscribers

From a subscriber perspective, newsletters that they subscribe to are not listed publicly on your profile, but you can find them in the My Network area under newsletters in the side panel: Take a look at yours to see any that you subscribe to.

After publishing a newsletter connections and followers of your profile or page may see your post about the newsletter in their feed. LinkedIn members can subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates when you publish something new after your initial invitation or on discovering your content in the feed or in suggestions and clicking the subscribe link. Those who accept an invitation to subscribe or discover your newsletter in the feed and subscribe, will receive a notification and email when you publish a new newsletter, which makes it easy to engage your audience if the content is of relevance to them.

LinkedIn Pages using the newsletter feature have the newsletter on the home page, making it easy to navigate to and for your page audience to subscribe.


If you decide to turn off creator mode, you will no longer have access to create new Newsletters, but will become available to add further content should you turn creator mode back on.

Like any feature, it is only useful with a strategy.  If you need support with your content strategy, get in touch.  A newsletter can be a useful feature to complement your posts, videos and blog publishing.  Let’s chat about how you can repurpose your existing content and really take advantage of this feature.



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