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Is LinkedIn working for you?

Are you being discovered, remembered and selected on LinkedIn?
Are you being proactive, reactive or inactive?
Do you want more leads and opportunities from LinkedIn?

Whether you are looking for more leads, increased brand awareness, more speaking gigs, more engagement, better career opportunities, more of the right consulting offers, more relevant connection requests, more sales conversations or more influence, your LinkedIn presence can either help or hinder you.

It all starts with your LinkedIn strategy.

Over 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn


LinkedIn is 227% more effective for leads than Facebook or Twitter.

Only 30% have a clear strategy for accepting connections and outreach activities on LinkedIn, according to my 2021 survey results.
Jo Saunders // LinkedIn Survey

Get LinkedIn training or mentoring with Jo Saunders if you...

  • feel confused about how to use LinkedIn
  • are not sure how to promote yourself
  • have no idea what content to create and share
  • don't know which type of content to share
  • don't know how to find the people you want to connect with.
  • don't know what to do once connected
  • want to know where you could be going wrong
  • are not sure how to harness this platform

5 Key LinkedIn Benefits

  • Energise Your LinkedIn Presence

    Improve your positioning and first impression

  • Elevate Your Brand Visibility

    Stand out and be found you for your expertise in LinkedIn and Google search

  • Enhance Your Credibility

    Establish trust and social proof as a specialist, expert or category authority in your area of expertise and industry

  • Expand Your Network

    Attract, find and engage with your target market, strategic partners and decision makers to build relationships that convert.

  • Earn Influence

    Build relationships, attract leads and opportunities

Time to update your LinkedIn Profile?

"Within 14 days of working with Jo Saunders to up-level my LinkedIn profile, I had landed $16,000 of additional business - directly linked to implementing the tactics and strategies Jo trained me in. That's a 92% return on the investment to work with Jo, in under 2 weeks! Jo truly is the Queen of LinkedIn. Get her on your team now!"

Ian Stephens CSP

Choose Your LinkedIn Support Package

Improve your LinkedIn presence by engaging support from an independent LinkedIn expert.
Receive unbiased, actionable guidance to leverage the largest professional social network



Starter Coaching Package

Limited skills?

Ideal for individuals looking for direction.

    This coaching and mentoring package includes;
  • Skills & Personality Review
  • 1 x 90 minute strategy session, to set goals, get clear on your positioning., identify ideal connections, and build your content strategy
  • 2 x 60 minute mentoring sessions to work through implementing your strategy, review actions, address knowledge gaps and set next actions

  • Access to online training to support coaching and mentoring.

  • Email support

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* Option to continue coaching



Done With & For You

Limited skills?

Ideal for time-poor professionals seeking positioning support, ongoing direction and accountability.

    This coaching and mentoring package includes;

  • Skills & Personality Review
  • LinkedIn Review - Profile & Page review & recommendation report
  • 1 x 90 minute strategy session, to set goals, get clear on your positioning., identify ideal connections, and build your content strategy

  • Profile Transformation - done for you Profile build or refresh
  • Profile rewrite;
    1. Intro section
    2. Contact Info
    3. About
    4. Background
    5. Skills

    Profile branding update

    Profile rebuild

  • 6 x 60 min mentoring sessions to work through implementing your strategy, review actions, address knowledge gaps and set next actions

  • Access to online training to support coaching and mentoring.
  • Resources and templates
  • Live online group training

  • Email support

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* Payment plan available

LinkedIn review

If you are seeking some feedback or a single planning session, book a strategy session or review package.

Strategy Session


Do It Yourself

Limited budget?

Ideal for those needing expert guidance to gain clarity and build a plan for using LinkedIn.

  • Skills & Personality Review

  • LinkedIn Profile Blueprint

  • 1 x 90 min Strategy Session covering positioning, content, networking & lead generation. Zoom session can be recorded
  • Access to Online LinkedIn Course

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Review Package


Do It Yourself

Limited budget?

Ideal for those with time, and skill but limited budget needing LinkedIn expert guidance.

  • Skills & Personality Review
  • LinkedIn Review

  • Custom Recommendation Report covering;

    Profile set up & positioning

    Visual branding

    Company Page (if applicable)

    Engagement and Activity

    Content creation and curation

    Available metrics

    Relevant Settings

  • LinkedIn Profile Blueprint

  • 1 x 90 min Mentoring Session - unpack the report in a Zoom mentoring session which can be recorded.

  • Access to Online LinkedIn Course

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Not ready for the BIG results yet?

Start with a laser focussed Zoom session to ask your burning questions or seek feedback.

<span>If you have a few questions about your LinkedIn presence or want me to pick my brain about your strategy, book a 30-minute diagnostic session to get the kick start you need. <a href=";hosted_button_id=MUV9JUTKLM97L" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Book your session</a> and <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">pick a time in my calendar.</a></span>

linkedin training Book your Diagnostic Session


Working with Jo Saunders was like a breath of fresh air. Her knowledge of Linked In, her well detailed instructions and excellent teaching skills has helped me immeasurably KNOW and UNDERSTAND what was a mystery to me. My fear of crashing my computer has gone!! I can highly recommend Jo as a teacher and expert in her field. Thanks so much Jo. Louise Cartledge, Celebrant and Storyteller
"Jo helped me to completely revamp my LinkedIn profile and WOW - what a transformation. Jo's an expert in her field, an absolute breeze to work with and provided me with a huge amount of guidance." Linda Williamson
I wasn’t sure where to start to improve my LinkedIn profile or how to better showcase my expertise. Jo was a breath of fresh air to my LinkedIn efforts and suggested many new ideas and actions to improve my presence. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun chatting about LinkedIn before! Jo took the time to ask me about my business needs and tailored our session to answer all my questions. She is super passionate about LinkedIn and helping small business owners succeed. If you feel stuck, I highly recommend booking with Jo today, as she truly demystified LinkedIn for me!Alicia Menkveld
“It was fantastic to get the perspective of a LinkedIn professional, and the tips you gave me made me realise that I can create my current content in a different way that matches a new market. I’d highly recommend this review process to others – the tips and tricks for tweaks and changes will really bring your profile to life.” Bronwen Sciortino
“Trying to use LinkedIn for business with a substandard profile is like trying to run a race dragging an anchor. Jo’s LinkedIn Profile Review gave me feedback that is specific, actionable and included little tips I didn't know about. Jo has got a great eye for detail, and I feel like nothing snuck by her. She takes the time to explain the WHY (succinctly, but effectively) so I understand how to make improvements myself next time.” Lacey Filipich

Jo Saunders, Australia's LinkedIn Demystifier is an internationally recognised LinkedIn expert, ranking in the top 5 Asia Pacific LinkedIn experts list for 2 years running, and a Social Media Educator of the Year Award finalist for 2019. She is a marketing strategist and social media educator showing graduates, entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing specialists, leaders and teams how to increase visibility, credibility and influence using LinkedIn and social marketing tools. Jo is the co-author of ‘Get Good or Get Off – A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media’ and the upcoming 'Connectfluence - The Path of Influence'. She is co-host of #LinkedInLocalPerth and video series the #ConnectionCouch and was named one of the 2019 Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers by TopRank Marketing. Connect on LinkedIn / Follow on YouTube

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