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How to Find a LinkedIn Expert

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What makes a LinkedIn expert? How do you know what you’re getting when you engage a LinkedIn specialist, trainer, or consultant? When engaging any expert, it is important to know how to choose the best expert for you. Anyone can call themselves an expert, but can they back it up? LinkedIn is constantly changing and innovating. Being an expert means staying up to date in order to use it effectively, efficiently and ethically as it evolves. Do you choose the person with the loudest most confident voice, the most expensive, the person with the most connections, or the person with …

Increase your Personal Brand Visibility on Facebook with this Hack

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Increasing your visibility across the social media landscape for the right reasons is part of social marketing. After being asked many times how my name shows up whenever anyone types ‘LinkedIn’ in an update on Facebook, I created a video to demonstrate how to find this feature and where it shows up.  I then did a Facebook Live to discuss the feature and the LinkedIn equivalent (which is not recommended) Facebook Profile Hack Facebook gives you a ‘Nickname’ field to add alternate names to your profile. If part of your nickname is the thing you do, then when someone types …

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#LinkedInLocalPerth – Meet Your Perth LinkedIn Network

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As a branding and marketing professional who has chosen to specialise in LinkedIn, I love the value LinkedIn provides, but I equally love connecting in person. Nothing beats face to face. #LinkedInLocalPerth beings the online and offline world together. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network and the perfect place to connect and build relationships with people in your professional world. It allows us to connect with people we know and discover, and people who discover us, in a virtual capacity. First impressions count, in person, and online in LinkedIn and search engines such as Google, so it is …

The New Look LinkedIn Profile 2018

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LinkedIn has a slightly new look profile on desktop. A few small tweaks make for a more aesthetically pleasing profile, that functions better. 8 Profile changes and how you can take action to stay up to date Photo position / Background Overlay Your profile photo should still work, but change is always a good time to review and look at how you can refresh your profile feel. Is the photo still a good representation of who you are right now? More importantly, review your background image, as the profile photo overlay position has changed and may now to blocking critical …

How to Measure Your Social Media Influence

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So you want to be a Social Media Influencer? What is social media influence? Have you asked yourself “How do I become a social media influencer?”  Is it a job, or is it something you become through being useful, engaged and talented in your niche? Influence Obsession Some are obsessed by social scoring and are driven by their number of followers and likes. Just watch the episode of Black Mirror called ‘Nosedive’.  This may be fiction, but it isn’t far from the truth of some. The premise of this episode is about life ratings, where the higher your score the …

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How to Build your LinkedIn Profile even if you Think you Have a #BoringBusiness

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LinkedIn is the platform I specialise in, but I love meeting and connecting with people in person. Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW18) is the largest social media conference in the world, bringing together specialists, experts and supporters of social media topics, tools and techniques.  I met many fabulous people over the 4 days in San Diego, including the lovely people in this photo. This blog is about the fabulous social media specialist sitting next to me, Desiree Martinez of All in One Social Media, currently based in Korea. I met Desiree at a breakfast hosted by Thinkific (the online training platform), …

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Get Nimble with your LinkedIn Contacts

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LinkedIn is the largest business social network and it is worth optimising your profile to make the best online impression to match your business or career journey and aspirations, but LinkedIn is just one part of your personal brand. We are more than a business persona. As Jon Ferrera says, LinkedIn for him is like stepping into his business lobby.  To REALLY get to know him, you want to connect on what he calls the five Fs; Family Friends Food Fun Frolicking The Human Connection These 5 Fs won’t necessarily be part of the LinkedIn experience, so how do you …

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2018 The Year of Conversation

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The social media landscape is constantly changing, but what people truly want remains the same. What do you want from your LinkedIn and social media presence? If you are in business it may be sales, maybe you are seeking more exposure, or simply want to use social media to stay in touch. To get to your desired outcome via LinkedIn or any social media tool, generally, there is a journey to the sale or engagement. It starts with building visibility so that you are found and known, followed by executing strategies to be remembered and then chosen. What is required …

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How to Manage Professional Relationships with Nimble

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In business how do you manage professional relationships? LinkedIn may be the platform you use to connect and engage with your network, but how do you strategically keep track of and manage your professional relationships that matter? Since the loss of the relationship function to be Basic account which offered a very simple CRM.  You could upgrade to a premium account, such as Sales Navigator, or invest in a fabulous contact management tool that offers a full-blown CRM for a fraction of the cost. I have been a Nimble user for a few years and am excited about the expansion …

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How to Back Up Your LinkedIn Profile and Protect your Data

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When was the last time you backed up your LinkedIn data and connections? LinkedIn, and other social media platforms are great until they are broken.  One way to break your online profile is to make a mistake and have the account suspended.  Is it time to back up your LinkedIn profile? If you rely on a social network such as LinkedIn as your only database, online dossier, and content source, there is a huge risk. We have little control over the platform and features, don’t ‘own’ our list on most platforms as the data is stuck in the platform. LinkedIn …

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When the Largest Social Media Event Knocks #SMMW18

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In the social media space, the premiere event of the year is Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, next year it runs from Wednesday, February 28 to Friday, March 2, 2018. Being at the other side of the world, and the event clashing with an Australian conference I like to attend, I have always booked the virtual pass which means I can access and watch all the sessions at my leisure. But nothing beats being at a conference and connecting face to face. I set a goal to attend the conference in person and meet all the social media experts I have …