2018 The Year of Conversation

The social media landscape is constantly changing, but what people truly want remains the same. What do you want from your LinkedIn and social media presence? If you are in business it may be sales, maybe you are seeking more exposure, or simply want to use social media to stay in touch.

To get to your desired outcome via LinkedIn or any social media tool, generally, there is a journey to the sale or engagement. It starts with building visibility so that you are found and known, followed by executing strategies to be remembered and then chosen. What is required is consistency, content, and conversation.

Social Media is Social

LinkedIn is all about people, your connections and what they have to say, and how you can help each other. Facebook is demonstrating the same values. The newsfeed algorithm will return posts from people you care about rather than content scheduled by companies.

Producing relevant content may have been part of building authority, but being part of a connected hub built on conversation is where the power of influence lies.

Interruption marketing will evolve to become smart AI driven relevant marketing, that taps into the thoughts and behaviour of the person. Imagine if YouTube adverts were not those annoying interruptions or delays, but a smart part of the viewing experience.

Conversation is the New Black

In the past, people have either focussed on building the largest network possible or creating a tight protected network, with a host of people not sure what to do in the middle. The focus now is on building an engaged network of people you know or want to get to know, through conversation.

Influencer marketing is huge for companies, but anyone now has the opportunity to become an influencer in their niche or area. It is all about making a difference to the people who matter.


Embrace your Talent

“Social media has become the face of the company to many consumers” Jay Baer.  But it is the individuals behind a brand, from the executives to the team, who have the power to increase the visibility, authority, and influence of your organisation. Rather than trying to control and restrict them or the opposite; leaving them to their own activity, lead and leverage your talent. Help them find their voice, build a network and become a thought leader in their niche. Develop systems to bring the data into your organisation, through contact management and relationship tools, by providing guidance and training.

  • STOP automating your social media, and START engaging with people on social media.
  • STOP focussing on content alone and START investing in building relationships.
  • STOP giving social media to the young person, or the tech person and START embracing old-fashioned networking skills
  • STOP hiring people with social media skills, START hiring people with people skills, who understand your brand, then invest in teaching them to use social media for your organisation.
  • STOP training with the loudest social media salesperson and START seeking out the right social media expert who understands your business outcomes.

Need help with your social media marketing and relationship building strategies? I can help map out your plans to increase visibility, authority, and influence to be known, remembered and chosen by those needing your services.

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