Increase your Personal Brand Visibility on Facebook with this Hack

Increasing your visibility across the social media landscape for the right reasons is part of social marketing.

After being asked many times how my name shows up whenever anyone types ‘LinkedIn’ in an update on Facebook, I created a video to demonstrate how to find this feature and where it shows up.  I then did a Facebook Live to discuss the feature and the LinkedIn equivalent (which is not recommended)

Facebook Profile Hack

Facebook gives you a ‘Nickname’ field to add alternate names to your profile. If part of your nickname is the thing you do, then when someone types the word, your name can come up as a suggestion.  Keeping you top of mind with your network. The nickname field shows up under your name in brackets, kinda like a headline on LinkedIn!

Use it carefully and don’t just keyword stack these fields. It is all about personal brand and what you want to be known for.

What is the LinkedIn equivalent?

LinkedIn has a more subtle approach, unless you are happy to break the rules.

  • First, there is a nickname field, but this shows up in between your name in brackets and looks messy.
  • Next some use the surname field to add a positioning statement, and put their first and last name in the first name box.  This is messy, annoying and confuses the data, particularly if you use a CRM with LinkedIn.  Lastly, it is a breach of the User Agreement, which states that your name should just be your name. Using tactics can result in being penalised in search, thereby achieving the exact opposite of what you are looking for.
  • Finally, the best place to use your branding tagline, positioning statement, or value proposition is your headline.  It sits immediately under your name and follows you everywhere you show up on LinkedIn, from the search results, to in the newsfeed to the People Also Viewed section of other profiles.

Whatever the platform and whatever the option you choose, always be on brand.  Never follow others blindly, always access the risk and decide accordingly if it is right for you and your audience.

Also, ensure your respective profiles are brand ready.  If your Facebook profile is your after-hours network, never used for business, then it may not be the best move to increase the visibility.  Take the time to tidy up and ensure it is on brand. The same applies to LinkedIn. Ensure your profile has been optimised to position you well.  Book a LinkedIn Review if you are unsure what needs fixing up.

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