LinkedIn + Coffee + 2 x 10 mins

LinkedIn and Coffee

Success in business or your career is largely about relationships. The more authentic relationships you invest in building, the more ‘visible’ you become, and the more chance you have of receiving referrals and new clients. This applies to using LinkedIn, social media, emails, the phone and networking in person.

When it comes to networking events, there is massive opportunity in building relationships, but it does mean showing up regularly, to be top of mind. Consistency breeds connection. Likewise, if you are hit and miss when it comes to showing up online, expect minimal results.

How are you ‘showing up’ on LinkedIn?

Think about the last event you attended. Considerations were made, including what to wear, how to present yourself, the way you speak, what topics you will speak about, how you introduce yourself, when to exchange business cards and how to follow up after the event.

Let’s now look at LinkedIn as if it were a networking event;

  • How often will you ‘attend’ LinkedIn’?
  • How will you ‘dress’ your profile?
  • How will you communicate?
  • What topics will you speak about, and what is out of bounds?
  • How will you connect with a new person?
  • Does your ‘business card’ include all your contact details?
  • Will you ‘meet again’ for another conversation or will you have a 1-1 ‘coffee’?

The power of your personal brand

When it comes to LinkedIn and any online profile, be sure to present it in alignment with the way you dress and the way you speak. Connect as you do in person – with conversation, and ‘show up’ consistently to allow your connections to get to know you.

  • Not showing up, will mean you are not going to stay top of mind.
  • Not ‘wearing’ the right outfit will impact the first impression you are making.
  • Not ‘talking’ about the right topics with the right mindset will impact how someone feels about you.

Start by being in the right mindset, and thinking about how you can be of service, rather than ‘what’s in for me?’, to build the right first impression.

Your authentic personal brand is what people will connect with.Jo Saunders

Networking with LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to network every day without leaving your desk. What can you do each day to ‘show up’ on LinkedIn that doesn’t take longer than the time it takes to drink your morning coffee?

» AM Coffee – Showing Up


  1. Scan the homepage – Like or comment on updates from your valued connections
  2. Like and comment on company updates


  1. Each week create a list of 15 people you want to build a relationship with
  2. Each day like or comment on an update from 3 people
  3. Repeat each day for 3 more people

Thought Leadership

  1. Once a fortnight / month publish an article via LinkedIn publisher
  2. Share updates to the article – 3 days after, 1 week after, 3 weeks after

» PM Coffee – Responding

  1. Review your notifications to review conversation comments.
  2. Review your Messages – respond.
  3. Review comments on any published articles.

LinkedIn Relationship Guidelines

  • Always Be Communicating and Adding Value
  • Never be salesy in your approach.
  • Don’t make it about you – be about your connections and ideal clients.
  • Be respectful, positive and helpful
  • Think about ‘where’ you are – in a 1-1 coffee (Messages) or at a networking event (Groups and public conversations).
  • Think about who else can ‘hear’ when you engage (your network and theirs)

Now over to you – have you created your own strategy?

If you need help, ask us. Did you know we offer mentoring and training in LinkedIn and content strategy and social media marketing?

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