Understand How Your LinkedIn Mindset Impacts Your Success

Mindset - Vicki Hodgson

How important is our mindset on LinkedIn?

Our thoughts impact our actions, but can we change our mindset to impact our success? How we put ourselves out there on LinkedIn is determined by our mindset and our technical skills. You can learn how to use LinkedIn (by attending my workshops), but how do you work out what is stopping you from taking action or why you take the action you choose to take? Is it fear of failure or could it be the fear of success? What are you not doing in your business, in your brand or in your relationship-building particularly when it comes to LinkedIn?

Thanks to Vicki Hodgson from Blow Your Own Mind for joining us at #LinkedInLocalPerth to discuss the part mindset plays in our business decisions, success and how we use LinkedIn.

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your mindset.” Vicki Hodgson

Vicki Hodgson is a qualified Business Lecturer, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and Master Practitioner of Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP). With over a decade of teaching experience at University level, Vicki is passionate about leadership, education and lifelong learning. She has managed teams, mentored and supported business owners throughout her career and has a real desire to see people achieve their full potential to add value for others and solve problems.

Blow Your Own Mind makes a bold statement about the outcome of working with Vicki and business partner Lisa Smith.  Watch the video to listen to the origin of the BYOM story and learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset and what could be holding you back.



Putting your content out for the world to see can be a challenge. Do you ever suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome’ or self-doubt?  Even highly successful people, have feelings of doubt, being good enough or being judged.

Vicki shared her experience of sharing her first article on LinkedIn and what was holding her back from putting herself out there. When in unfamiliar territory it takes a bit of knowledge, skills and most importantly courage to put your thoughts into words on a screen for everyone to see.  The unknown can be a scary place. If you are feeling fear of judgement you are not alone.  

As Vicki shared, “Who are you not to shine?” Everyone has something to share, something to give, and unique thoughts around your expertise. If you have not shared an article or even your own post yet, why not give it a go?  To learn the skills, attend my next LinkedIn Content Publishing workshop or book a session with me, but to actually press publish take courage.  I love helping people find theirs.


How do you feel about putting yourself out there on LinkedIn?

  1. Very Confident
  2. Comfortable
  3. Hesitant
  4. Fearful
  5. Scared Pantless

Poll - Putting Yourself Out there

Consider the fear of being judged vs the opportunities. If we let fear hold us back, we are limiting the opportunities that could be presented to us.  Rael Bricker published his book ‘Dive In’ where he talks about getting out of your own way and just diving in, then adjusting the coarse as we are moving. This is a great approach to take. Have an idea where you are going, and what you want to achieve, but get started. Don’t let perfectionism and fear hold you back.


If we don’t back ourselves how can we expect others to? I recall seeing a post by Sarah Cordiner sharing this sentiment, and why it is important to self-nominate for awards. Her post inspired me to self-nominate for an award which I wrote about in an article.  The same applies to our positioning and how we post on LinkedIn.

FIGJAM and LinkedIn

We discussed the concept of FIGJAM, and how you can ‘Figjam’ yourself on LinkedIn.  It is about celebrating your success and achievements but it is about what is in it for your connections and ideal clients. Focus on how your expertise can help others.  Learn where to do this in your About section by using my LinkedIn Profile Blueprint or working with me.

How do you feel about applying FIGJAM to your LinkedIn Profile?

  1. I’ve found a way to infuse FIGJAM
  2. It makes me really uncomfortable
  3. I plan to back myself more


Infuse your expertise and credibility into your profile using my 7 Step Summary in your About section of my LinkedIn Profile Blueprint.  Get your copy here.

  1. HOOK; Create a statement/question about the impact of the problem your clients have (200 characters or less)
  2. SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE; Unpack the problem your ideal client has that you solve.
  3. WHO; Share the industries, or types of clients that have these problems
  4. VALUE; Share the services/solutions that you provide
  5. FIGJAM; Why you? Share your achievements, qualifications, unique experience or outcomes
  6. VISION; Why do you do what you do? Share your passion, purpose and big vision.
  7. ACTION; invite action and share contact info.


Our mindset can help us cope with disruption and change such as the current times adapting to the impact of COVID19. We can stay trapped in fear, or we can use our mindset to help us navigate and look towards the future. Gaining an understanding of your mindset right now can be useful as your business or career evolves or pivots (the buzz word of the season).


Can we be too positive or optimistic?  Having BIG goals are a great way to stretch us, but if they are way out of reach, they could stop us making progress. How big are your goals?



Being entrepreneurial is a way of thinking and is useful in business or your career.  How can you measure your entrepreneurial mindset so that you can use and develop it?

Blow Your Own Mind are the master practitioners of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) for Australia New Zealand.  I’m a certified EMP Practitioner using the tool with my services. Upon completion of an initial online assessment, participants receive a personalised feedback report comparing entrepreneurs and corporate manager norm groups. The tool measures 14 skill and characteristic scales;

Personality Scales 

  • Independence: how independently you like to work
  • Limited Structure: how much structure you prefer for tasks and situations
  • Nonconformity: how unique your actions are
  • Risk Acceptance: how willing you are in pursuing an idea or a desired goal
  • Action Orientation: how focussed you are on using initiative and making decisions quickly
  • Passion: how much importance excitement and enjoyment plays in your work
  • Need to Achieve: the importance of achieving at a high level

Skill Scales 

  • Future Focus: the importance of strategic and thinking beyond the now
  • Idea Generation: your ability to generate ideas and new approaches to achieve goals
  • Execution: your focus on action and implementation
  • Self-Confidence: the belief in your ability to leverage skills and talents to achieve important goals
  • Optimism: your attitude about your life and the world
  • Persistence: how resilient and determined you are in the face of setbacks
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity: how sensitive you are and your concern for the well-being of others

We discussed a few of these scales at our #LinkedInLocalPerth and how they can be used right now, particularly in using LinkedIn across the following areas;


With the world in a state of constant change and disruption, how optimistic are you right now? How is that playing out online through your actions? Consider the language used, the people you spent the most time around, and what you chose to put your focus to.


Do you find creative ideas just flow into your head?  How do you execute them? Right now, having innovative ideas and the ability to action them can create opportunities.  Understanding your appetite for risk can help you understand the actions you take or don’t take, and how you can achieve more. Who do you need support form to get your ideas executed?


How do you measure success on LinkedIn from your actions and the time invested?

You can use data directly from your profile, or external tools and measurements. Set goals and determine how you will track your positioning, relationships and content strategy.


Take the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) Assessment

EMP Assessment

Get your Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile results to make leverage LinkedIn for success, identify the strengths you can play to and the areas you can develop and navigate. Use your results to blow your own mind and achieve success.

  1. Book your LinkedIn Mindset Review
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  • Take the EMP Assessment (RRP $115)
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  • Discover how you can work with your strengths on LinkedIn in a 1 hour coaching session

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  • Take the EMP Assessment (RRP $115)
  • Attend the workshop to discover how to use it and interpret your results
  • Discover how to apply your mindset to your LinkedIn presence.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) tool and how you could use it in your business, get in touch with Vicki Hodgson from Blow Your Own Mind: https://www.blowyourownmind.com.au/entrepreneurial-mindset/


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