LinkedIn Profile Guide – Character Limits 2017

LinkedIn Summary Formula

When it comes to building your LinkedIn profile, it is important to optimise the online real estate to be found and followed by the right people.  But just how much real estate do you have to maximise your presence each section?

Leverage the words and white space by firstly understanding the limitations of each section. Characters include any letter, number, symbol or space.

When creating your profile think in the shoes of your ideal client and communicate in language that they understand and will use to find you. Make each word count, and use as much space as you need to get the message across, while using white space to make the text scannable.


1. NAME: First Name: 20 characters, Surname: 40 characters.

Keep to your name (that you are known by in business) and any relevant post nominals.

2. HEADLINE: 120 characters.

Tip: think positioning statement. Example format: I help [ target audience X] to achieve [result Y] by providing [core product/service Z]. See my other 5 framework headlines and examples in my ebook: LinkedIn Headline Hacks.

3. SUMMARY:  Up to 2,000 characters.

Before getting to the Summary, the viewer first sees the Summary overview, which varies in length from 200 – 225 characters.  So you have 2 sentences to capture attention and inspire them to click and read on.

Start with a powerful opening to position yourself and encourage the viewer to read on. Use our 7 Step Summary Formula.

Note: the Summary on the new UI sites behind a click, so it is essential to use the first 2 lines to position yourself and inspire the viewer to click See More…  The new Summary size varies – 1990 characters seems to be the current maximum.


PROFILE URL: 5-30 characters.

The URL must contain no spaces or special characters.

WEBSITE Title: 30 characters.

Tip: Select OTHER and use a call to action.

WEBSITE URL: 256 characters.

Direct traffic to 3 website links, such as specific pages of your website, opt-in page, other profiles, online courses etc.

PHONE number: 25 characters.

Select the numbers you use in business such as mobile and / or landline.


Now comes straight from the default email in your settings.


Comes from your settings.

Address: About 1,000 characters

Use your office address or PO Box for consultants or home based business.

IM (Instant message): 25 characters

Include Skype, Messenger, We Chat, ICQ (who still uses that?!?) or other apps used.


Experience now gives you work history, education and volunteering in one area. Choose one current role to feature in full (plus rich media displayed), with the next four in preview, and beyond that behind the ‘See More’ link.

Education and Volunteering gives you the most recent in full, and two in summary and the rest behind ‘See More’.

EXPERIENCE Title: 100 characters.

Use your job title, but be sure to add context if your title doesn’t communicate the overall problems you solve. Context is key.

EXPERIENCE Description: 2,000 characters.

Give an overview or what problems you solve for whom and what your organisation does. Focus on any specific achievements within the role. For previous roles, focus on transferrable skills and achievements.

VOLUNTEER Organisation: 100 characters

Add or link to the organisations you volunteer with.

VOLUNTEER Role: 100 characters

Add your position with the organisation.

VOLUNTEER Description: 2,000 characters

Add a summary of your role with the organisation, or what the organisation do overall. Think keywords and relevance to your career.

EDUCATION School: 100 characters

Add or link to the institute you studied at, such as a school, college or university.

EDUCATION Field of Study: 100 characters

Optional field to add context to your higher educational study.

EDUCATION Grade: 80 characters

Optional field to celebrate high achievements, or recent studies.

EDUCATION Activities: 500 characters

Optional field to add supporting activities. Most relevant to recent graduates.

EDUCATION Description: 1,000 characters

Optional field to share further details such as thesis.


SKILLS: 80 characters per Skill.

Add up to 50 skills using keywords that relate to the problems you solve for your ideal clients, particularly skills to be endorsed for. Choose 3 to feature.



Recommendations are now grouped together in reverse chronological order by role, but aren’t visually connected to the role. Two are featured, but cannot be selected as in the previous version.


This area groups together supporting achievements and information, which includes courses, languages, organisations, publications, certifications, honours and awards, and projects. Each category features one entry, with the rest behind the ‘See More’ link.

ORGANISATION Name: 220 characters

Add the names of any professional organisations you belong to.

ORGANISATION Position: 255 characters

If relevant add your position or type of membership with the organisation.

ORGANISATION Notes: 2,000 characters

Optional field to add more details about the organisation.

PUBLICATION Title: 255 characters

Share recent publications relevant to your expertise that you wish to drive traffic to. The title becomes a direct link to the URL provided. Publications show up under Accomplishments. One item is featured, the rest are behind a ‘See More’ link.

PUBLICATION Description: 2,000 characters

Optional field to describe the publication.

HONORS AND AWARDS Title: 255 characters

Add details of specific accolades.

HONORS AND AWARDS Issuer: 255 characters

Add details of the organisation issuing the award.

HONORS AND AWARDS Description: 2,000 characters

Optional description about the award.

HONORS AND AWARDS Additional: 1,000 characters

Use this section to create a list of accolades rather than listing individually. See my profile for an example.

CERTIFICATIONS Name: 250 characters

List any relevant certifications relevant to your industry.

CERTIFICATIONS Authority: 250 characters

If required expand on the name and add who issues the certification.

CERTIFICATIONS Licence Number: 80 characters

If relevant to your industry add a specific identifier.

CERTIFICATIONS URL: 255 characters

Add a link to give more info about the certification, or to a listing of your details.

PROJECT Name: 255 characters

List any relevant projects where you worked with others to support your expertise. The name becomes a direct link to the project URL.

PROJECT Description: 2,000 characters

Option field to describe the project.


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