Free or Low-Cost Online Business Marketing Training During the COVID-19 Crisis

Free Training

You may not be able to attend my LinkedIn training, any conferences or events, but this time of physical social distancing has meant that many events and services have gone online. This means you can attend from your location, don’t have to travel or get dressed up! 

In challenges times we can either go into crisis and stress or go into our creativity and grow.  Now is the perfect time to work ON your business, your personal brand or career path. There are so many opportunities right now, and many are free or low cost! 

Now is a great time to work on your future.  Make a booking in your calendar and commit to learning and growing, and take advantage of the generosity of so many experts in Australia and around the world.

Learn with Free Training During April 2020

Here are some marketing events, programs and services worth looking at;

Free Social Media Training – Social Media Manager School

Social Media Manager SchoollTo help those impacted by the pandemic, Agorapulse has opened up free access to the Social Media Manager School for 4 full weeks to anyone who might like to learn how to manage their own social media, or perhaps even start managing social media for other businesses.

Social Media Manager School is the premier online place for social media managers to access platform based learning and the latest and best social media strategies and tactics.

Register for free at any point throughout April and get 4 weeks from that date to learn!

Learn more and sign up for free here:

Content Marketing Conference

CMC2020 Keynotes

Keynotes and Workshops April 21st | On-Demand Learning Now

Secure your FREE ticket to CMC 2020 Digital and CMC Academy.  Member-only community available to you through May, 2020. Instantly access CMC Academy online training and resources, and 4 keynotes and 10 workshops on April 21.


VID19 Conference

VID19 Conference

19 days. 336 contributors. 1 global online conference. Ends April 15th.  

Julia Steel had one big, hairy and completely audacious idea. To bring the world’s most forward-thinking leaders, experts and performers together in 1 continuous, 19-day online conference. Think Leadership Live-Aid, only online (and without Bob Geldof). With increasing numbers of people working from home or isolated thanks to COVID-19, this conference is a place where people can engage with leaders, experts and performers around the world during this challenging time.

Register for your sessions:


ATOMICON was designed for the small and mighty business, or as Andrew and Pete call them, ‘ATOMIC Businesses’. Over the course of the month you’ll learn how to; grow your audience, get more sales and scale your business quicker, and smarter.  Fringe events run throughout April, with the main event on April 28.  This event isn’t free, but is great value. Purchase a virtual ticket, or join Atomic for $1 trial to get access! 


Leap Into Live Streaming Bootcamp


A FREE 3-day crash course covering all aspects of live video. 40+ expert presenters will help you understand how to get up and running with live streaming, how to build confidence, how to design graphics to use in live video, what platforms to broadcast to and why, and more! April 29 – May 1, 2020


7 Day LinkedIn Challenge

A well-positioned and active LinkedIn presence will help you increase your visibility, authority and influence. In 7 days go on a journey with Jo Saunders to optimise your profile, build and engage with your network and share valuable content.

Join the free challenge:

The COVID-19 Expert Support Program

World-class accountants, financial planners & strategists, tax and finance lawyers, LinkedIn expert (Jo Saunders), business consultants, health professionals and industry experts. share advanced strategies and advice to optimise your business during the Coronavirus pandemic. Be Inspired. Be Motivated. Be Informed!


12 Integrus Keys to Success™

Successful businesses are people-focused. Understanding what makes you and others tick is essential to a thriving business. At Integrus, we determine your personality ‘colour’ through a thorough personal analysis, highlighting key behaviours and traits that allow us to work together utilising the 12 Integrus Keys to Success™, developing your people, business and leadership skills.



Facilitated by Russell Pearson, this FREE online ZOOM event is for those business people who want to survive and even thrive in this rapidly changing environment. Discuss:

  • Contingencies during times of change
  • What strategies are working for others
  • What can you focus on this week?



This FREE 6-week coaching and training program is to help businesses survive and thrive.


FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS: Organise, Control & Grow Your Business With Trello.

Use Alicia Menkveld’s Simple Trello System to Take Control Of All The Moving Pieces When You Grow Your Business From Home. ​​​​​​​​​​​

  • > CHAOS TO CONTROL: Feeling overwhelmed? Trello helps you organise your thoughts, goals & daily tasks to stay in control of your business and your life
  • >> KEEP IT IN ONE PLACE: Save 7+ hours a week – keep leads, sales funnels, projects, templates & ideas in one place. No lost post-it notes = no lost opportunities.
  • ​​​​​​​>> CREATE ONLINE PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Trello – a FREE visual tool – helps you map out online products/ services quickly and keeps track of all the moving pieces.




Build in-demand tech skills without leaving your house. Get free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more all month long. #FREEapril  – Stay home. Skill up.


Adobe Summit

Discover the latest in customer experience across six innovation tracks. Each track includes a keynote highlighting what’s new in our products and breakout sessions packed with insights and best practices.  Browse 100+ breakouts to find the best practices, product innovations, and real-life customer experience examples most relevant to your interests. 


Adobe Talent and Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio is committed to helping you through these uncertain times, and we know your online presence is deeply important. From today until May 31:

Hire From The World’s Largest Creative Community:  In an effort to help spread awareness of open roles, Adobe Talent will be free to all companies and recruiters through May 31, 2020.


Have you heard of other free online events and conferences during this challenging period in business?  Share with us.

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