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The LinkedIn interface is constantly evolving, with features moving like the staircases at Hogwarts. Some are removed, others are moved and some links are no longer anywhere in a menu.

Save time, stress, and stop pulling out your hair by bookmarking this list of direct links to hidden or old features, such as how to get back to your draft articles.

Some links will require replacing my username ‘josaunders’ with your username, or my company page info with yours.

NOTE: this list is current at the time of publishing. If you discover new links or ones that no longer work, feel free to comment below or send me a message.


Creating, sharing and engaging with content is a valuable part of LinkedIn, but one of the gripes right now is getting back to your article in draft.

I often line articles up for publishing and navigating back to the article is a challenge. So where are those pesky draft articles?


 The ‘following’ results above are listed in order of how often the person or company posts – an article on this topic is coming soon.






  • Recommendations Pending – manage recommendations received here:
  • Recommendation Requests Pending – manage incoming requests here:
  • Recommendations Received: (Now Pending) – To manage received recommendations scroll down to the Recommendations section of your profile, select the pencil icon to edit, then determine which to show. There is currently no way to reorder them.
  • Recommendations Given: (currently broken). Manage recommendations you have given, by scrolling down to the Recommendations section on your profile, select the pencil icon and the Given tab. Then delete or change the visibility.)
  • Ask for recommendations: (currently broken – now you must ask on the person’s profile rather than your own)
  • Give recommendations: (currently redirects to Recommendations Requests). Give via the person’s profile but there is currently no way to manage once sent.

(NOTE: Some of the recommendations are no longer functioning due to platform changes.)


Click the magnifying glass in the search bar to go to advanced search features, or use the following links.

Search Alerts – Save up to 3 common searches with the basic account and have LinkedIn email you when new people come up in the search results (option bottom right of the window).


Replace the links with your page name or number.

You will discover the number by browsing to the page via the Me menu.



Find Groups via the Work menu.


Topics list:

Topics specific – replace the last word in the link with a topic for example;







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