The New Look LinkedIn Profile 2018

LinkedIn has a slightly new look profile on desktop. A few small tweaks make for a more aesthetically pleasing profile, that functions better.

8 Profile changes and how you can take action to stay up to date

The new LinkedIn profile

  1. Photo position / Background Overlay

    Your profile photo should still work, but change is always a good time to review and look at how you can refresh your profile feel. Is the photo still a good representation of who you are right now?

    More importantly, review your background image, as the profile photo overlay position has changed and may now to blocking critical info, particularly if you had the background image designed.   Because the profile photo on mobile is central, and desktop is left, be sure to have any features to the far right of upper middle area.

  1. Headline position

    The Headline hasn’t changed other than the position.  As ever it is one of the most important pieces of text on your profile, in terms of findability, visibility and positioning.  Ensure you use the words and phrases used by your ideal clients or the job you aspire to have.

  1. Current Experience

    This feature has moved to the right of your profile next to the company page icon, which makes it easier to see. If you have concurrent roles, select which one you would like to feature. Given it is more visual and prominent, ensure your Company Page is set up correctly and has a logo, which shows up here.

  2. Education

    This sits under Experience to the right, and by default displays your most recent education.  Reorder to feature the most relevant university, college or high school in the first position. You can now turn this display off, particularly if education was decades ago.

    LinkedIn profile update

  1. Contact Info

    The info behind the link hasn’t changed, just the position of the link. Be sure to ensure you complete all the info to make it easy for your connections and network to get in touch.

  2. Connections

    You still have control over who sees your connections –your first level connections, or just those with connections in common.

  3. Summary Introduction

    This area has been expanded, so rather than about 200 characters, you now see the first 300 characters, before having to click Show More. Use this space to expand on your headline and engage your audience. Feel free to include contact info in this area to make it super easy for people to contact you.

  4. Summary Media

    With the previous updated, the media sat behind the Show More link. Now it is back up front. See the first 6 items in thumbnail form, so use these spaces to brand your profile and tell your story visually. Include PDF documents, links to videos, portfolio, slides and much more.

If you are unsure how to update your profile, book a LinkedIn Profile Review.

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