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LinkedIn is the largest business social network and it is worth optimising your profile to make the best online impression to match your business or career journey and aspirations, but LinkedIn is just one part of your personal brand. We are more than a business persona.

As Jon Ferrera says, LinkedIn for him is like stepping into his business lobby.  To REALLY get to know him, you want to connect on what he calls the five Fs;

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Food
  • Fun
  • Frolicking

The Human Connection

These 5 Fs won’t necessarily be part of the LinkedIn experience, so how do you find out more about who Jon is as a human being?   Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will communicate much more about Jon as a person, than just his LinkedIn profile. Relationship building is enabled faster if we have a deeper understanding of the person.

I was recently in the Nimble office in Santa Monica and asked Jon to demonstrates just how to use the app to build that connection. Why did I ask Jon?  He is the CEO and founder of the social CRM Nimble, and really understands how to use social media tools to build and maintain relationships.

In this example we were talking about my good friend, UK based LinkedIn expert Mark Williams, host of the LinkedInformed podcast.  Jon googles Mark, lands on his LinkedIn profile, and then demonstrates just how easy it is to bring the contact into the Nimble app.

Nimble Works Automagically

Nimble allows you to connect and build relationships more effectively. Rather than having to look up a contact individually on each network, you can use Nimble, to automagically create a single contact record. This includes the person’s background across various online identities, allowing you to walk in their digital footptint to understand more about them.  See what they are influential in through the digital dossier, and see if you or your team have had previous interactions with email, calendar and social through the history tab.

Unify your contact, calendar and email records with Nimble:

Work Smarter Faster

Your relationships can be managed via smartphone app, plugins or in the browser, allowing you to outreach, schedule and track communication.  Nimble works in the business tools and apps where you work,  in the native app, or in the browser, making it easier to follow up and follow through.  Take advantage of personalised email templates that are trackable, making the experience personal but scalable, the Nimble Way.

Ready to work smarter?

Try Nimble:

Be sure you are making the best first impression across your social media profiles. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimised and active, to be found remembered and chosen.  This allows your potential clients, colleagues and referral partners to get to know your business persona, your experience, expertise, and aspirations. Your audience is getting tech-smart and tools such as Nimble make gathering social intelligence easier.  So make sure your social profiles match your professional brand.  Make your first impression and subsequent impressions count.

Book a LinkedIn Profile Review to find out what you can improve easily right now, or book a full transformation to fast track your online positioning.

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