How to Build your LinkedIn Profile even if you Think you Have a #BoringBusiness

LinkedIn interview on the #BoringBusiness Podcast with Jo Saunders

LinkedIn is the platform I specialise in, but I love meeting and connecting with people in person.

#SMMW18 Thinkific Breakfast

Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW18) is the largest social media conference in the world, bringing together specialists, experts and supporters of social media topics, tools and techniques.  I met many fabulous people over the 4 days in San Diego, including the lovely people in this photo.

This blog is about the fabulous social media specialist sitting next to me, Desiree Martinez of All in One Social Media, currently based in Korea.

I met Desiree at a breakfast hosted by Thinkific (the online training platform), where we happened to sit together, during Social Media Marketing World #SMMW18. She was excited about my LinkedIn session about Company Pages, as you will hear in the video below,  but was disappointed to find my room was FULL, so she had to catch the recording instead.

Desiree Martinez could get into the LinkedIn session at #SMMW18 

I was invited to be a guest on her podcast to talk about standing out on LinkedIn. We talk about personal branding, Harry Potter, Profile optimisation and building a strong digital footprint.

The episode covers;

  • The perfect photo and cover photo
  • Optimizing yourself for searches
  • A formula for a great header and summary
  • Reviewing your profile
  • Endorsements and Recommendations
  • The 3 degrees of your LinkedIn network

Listen to the latest episode of Marketing for your Boring Business from All in One Social Media, with Desiree Martinez, who helps the ‘boring business’ get seen cluttered newsfeed.

LinkedIn interview on the #BoringBusiness Podcast with Jo Saunders

How to Get Started on LinkedIn

  1. Build a Profile – make the best digital first impression
  2. Build a Network – connect and engage with people of influence
  3. Build a Content Strategy – curate and create valuable content for your network.

Desiree volunteered to have her LinkedIn profile reviewed to inspire and educate her audience to embrace the largest professional social media platform.


3 parts of your digital footprint

  1. Name – just your name
  2. Profile photo – your head and shoulders on a good day in business
  3. Headline – a positioning statement to be found and inspire someone to click on your profile.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

  • Add a background image to position you and your brand and tell a story.
  • Craft a Summary that tells your business story in first person using our formula.
  • Optimise your experience – connect to your company page
  • Be excited about what you do and the outcomes you have provided
  • Add visual media and evidence of what you do
  • Add skills to be endorsed for
  • Recommendations – don’t be shy – ask your network and clients
  • DOWNLOAD my LinkedIn Profile Blueprint


Listen to the episode to learn how to share the best side of your #BoringBusiness to attract and really connect with your audience through LinkedIn.  Click the image below to open up the podcast page or click HERE.



Get your profile reviewed.

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