7 Day LinkedIn Challenge


Improve Your LinkedIn Presence So You Can Be Found, Connected, and Generate More Leads and Opportunities


LinkedIn is the largest, most powerful professional social network. It continues to grow in size, engagement, and gives you a solid footprint in search engines like Google. LinkedIn Ignorance Impacts Influence.

What is in the LinkedIn Challenge?

  1. Take your LinkedIn pulse
  2. Make a great first impression
  3. Get your messaging right
  4. Brand your profile
  5. Streamline your feed
  6. Connect to the right people
  7. Start networking
  8. Publish your insights
  9. Re-take your LinkedIn pulse

Why work with jo saunders?

“Jo is the go-to person to maximise your LinkedIn profile.” -Leigh Hambly


“What you get with Jo is real, actionable insights.” -AJ Wilcox 


“I feel a lot more confident and clear about how I use LinkedIn and the time I put it into it.” -Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie 


“Jo lives and breathes LinkedIn. She comes at the platform from a true perspective of getting relevant returns for your efforts.” -Peter McLean 


“So many so-called LinkedIn experts running around but Jo Saunders is the REAL deal.” -Laurel Papworth 


“Jo teaches LinkedIn in a way that is not only easy to understand it actually encourages and motivates people to take action!” -Linda Reed-Enever 

Meet your LinkedIn Expert 

Hi, I’m Jo Saunders, known as the Connection Catalyst. I’m a LinkedIn trainer and mentor, supporting individual experts, entrepreneurs and engaged teams. My LinkedIn training has helped thousands of people build a better profile, an engaged network, and a content strategy to enhance credibility and earn influence. 

Before jumping into my programs, get started with my free 7 Day LinkedIn Challenge which gives you daily tasks to improve your LinkedIn presence right now! 

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