LinkedIn strategy & training for Individuals

LinkedIn is a powerful tool at any stage of your career. To be discovered, be seen and heard, and be top of mind, engaged and considered, requires clarity, strategy and consistency in your approach.

Not using LinkedIn or doing it wrong can put your personal brand and career at risk. Confusion, lack of capability or confidence result in being misunderstood, invisible or ignored. Let’s fix that. Discover how to leverage the most trusted social network and the largest database of professionals. Maximise your reputation and minimise your risk.

LinkedIn® Benefits

LinkedIn often shows up at the top of Google search for your name, and it is free!

Elevate Visibility

Leverage LinkedIn’s functionality with clear aligned messaging and strategic activity built a strong digital footprint to be seen more in LinkedIn and the search engines.

Energise Your Presence

Amplify your personal and professional brand by sharing your vision, leveraging your strengths and infusing your LinkedIn Profile with personality.

Enhance Credibility

Share your career journey, academic achievement, demonstrate specialist knowledge, skill and industry experience, make sense of changes, and showcase contribution.

Earn Influence

Strategic network building, engagement and contribution are a long-game investment for  building fruitful relationships and attracting opportunities.

Expand Your Impact

Make a difference to your connections, network and your target market by adding value to conversations, contributing insightful content and inviting strategic action at the right time.

How impactful is your current LinkedIn® strategy?

Impact requires visionary intent, strategic direction and aligned action to attract, engage and influence.
Rate your current presence, engagement and results on this chart?

Rate your current LinkedIn strategy

Your online presence creates a perception which becomes reality in the eyes of the viewer. Without a strategic approach you risk being overlooked or potentially unknown. 

PRESENCE – Increase your influence by building a branded, optimised and energised LinkedIn presence to attract your ideal audience and prospects. Your presence includes your LinkedIn Profile and Page (if you have a business) which are discoverable within LinkedIn and through Google and other search engines.  Your presence creates a perception.

ENGAGEMENT – Activity either supports or damages your potential influence. Create positive engagement habits that go beyond being reactive, to responsive and invest in proactive strategic activity. Translate your talent into thought leadership that transforms thinking and triggers action to influence your impact.

RESULTS – Does your current presence & engagement support your desired results and impact? Elevate your status from being unknown or overlooked, to being a known specialist, trusted expert and ultimately a sought-after leader in your field, industry or community. Influence is earned and fuels impact.

When you combine your past experiences, current profession and future purpose, and infuse your personality into your presence and engagement, it becomes easier to be referenced, recommended and referred.

Need help making a bigger impact using LinkedIn?

How We Can Work Together

Individual Sessions

Single sessions to get specific support.

Choose from;

  • Burning Q (30 mins)
  • Mentoring (1 hour)
  • Mentoring Pack( 1 hour x5)
  • Ideate (90 mins)
  • Strategise (2.5 hours)

Individual Programs

  • Connectfluence Ignite;
    5 week program; review, strategy and 2 x mentoring sessions
  • Connectfluence Activate;
    3 month program; review, strategy and 5 x mentoring sessions, plus profile/page content, visual template creation, and action plan.

Read on for more details or download the brochure…

*New* Club Membership

A blend of group mentoring, training and support to give you practical strategies to harness your skills and strengths using streamlined tools and tactics.

Expect elements of information, insights and inspiration, with a dose of positive psychology, community engagement, challenges, accountable action, performance tracking and much more.


Transform your brand from confused and unclear, to confident, connected and capitalised. Direct your focus, with frameworks and feedback to develop habits to meet your outcomes. The level of mastery you want to achieve is determined by your commitment to strategic action, accountability and skill enhancement.

LinkedIn requires strategy

Raise your level of influence with a program designed and delivered by an independent LinkedIn strategist to meet your needs. Introducing the Connectfluence® Programs, a blend of LinkedIn training, mentoring and coaching for those seeking clarity, a strategic approach and understanding, wo are committed to action.

Connectfluence® is the art and science of personal connection for professional influence.

Developed over decades of experience in connection, collaboration and communication the Connectfluence methodology is built on curiosity and experimentation, engaging with leading LinkedIn specialists, and staying up to date with insights and advancements, coupled with elements of positive psychology and mindset growth

Connectfluence methodology

Jo Saunders brings a deep knowledge, expert insights and proven frameworks to give you a strategic approach to increasing recognition, visibility and influence, without risky hacks and automation.<

“Connection is invited, influence is earned, impact is the outcome.”

Programs are underpinned by this methodology, and include a;

  1. Collaborative approach to design with integrity.
  2. Customised training to deliver excellence.
  3. Creative solutions that drive action.


Choose the option to best fit your requirements or get in touch to discuss options or to request for something specific. For help implementing, a done-for-you option can be added during or after your chosen program.

“Jo is fun, accessible, creative and is a LINKEDIN MASTER! Her audit gave me great ideas to level up my profile to meet my goals. I feel a lot more confident and clear about how I use LinkedIn and the time I put it into it.”

Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie

Keynote Speaker & LEGO® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator


Ready to get started, choose the option to suit your requirements, and let’s work together.

If you aren’t quite sure of have questions, book  a discovery call.