How to Set Up and Manage your LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn Page Set Up

Have you thought about setting up a LinkedIn Page for your business or organisation? Did you know this was a thing?  This isn’t a profile in the name of a business, but the function of a Page set up from your profile.  You must have a profile in order to set up a Page, and you automatically have admin access as the Page creator but can assign additional admins in your organisation or support network. Admins have various levels of access, and it is good practice to have a backup just in case you lose access. Why set up a …

How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

Demystifying LinkedIn to Future Proof your Business

How to grow your business with LinkedIn
The key to LinkedIn success is understanding the power of what I call the network effect, which is 3 degrees deep. This means that the more people you are connected to on LinkedIn, the more people you have access to, and the more people have access to you. Learn how to grow your LinkedIn network, set up your profile for success and the ONE essential action for the time poor professional. Read on…

LinkedIn Training for Small Business Owners in WA, QLD & NT


If you are a small business seeking LinkedIn training, social media tools or digital marketing training or mentoring, you can book me via the Business Station Inc Australian Small Business Advisory Services Digital Solutions Program, in person or via Zoom from your office for just $66 per hour💰 ($44 for your first session💎)! The #ASBAS Digital Solutions ProgramAustralian Small Business LinkedIn Training is a Federal Government funded program aimed at increasing the digital capabilities of Small Businesses in Australia, through offering low cost, easy to understand workshops and advice directly to small business owners. I’m proud to be the LinkedIn …


How to share LIVE Video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Live Video

LinkedIn Live is Coming! LinkedIn is launching live video in beta to the US first, this week!  LinkedIn Live will be invite-only initially, giving people and organisations the ability to broadcast real-time video to select groups, or to the LinkedIn world at large. A staggered release is a smart move, particularly for a data-intensive activity. Imagine if all 610M+ members started broadcasting live at once! Right now it is in beta release.  Check out those few who have it; Cathy Hackl, Chris Strubb, Goldie Chan… Why Use Video on LinkedIn? Video is the next best thing to in-person.  It opens up our …

How Schools and their Teams can use LinkedIn

Linkedin is the largest professional network and ranks highly in search results, but are people seeking a school for their children in LinkedIn? Possibly not, but of this network of professionals, many will have children, and some seek to work with schools. Why not build a presence to intersect where the eyes are, while amplifying the brand presence within search? Why LinkedIn? More than 610M members More than 30M companies represented on LinkedIn More than 20M open jobs on LinkedIn Jobs 90K schools listed Stats updated 1 Feb 2019 Whether a school is looking to be positioned as a school …


How to Find a LinkedIn Expert

Jo Saunders - Linkedin Expert Australia

What makes a LinkedIn expert? How do you know what you’re getting when you engage a LinkedIn specialist, trainer, or consultant? When engaging any expert, it is important to know how to choose the best expert for you. Anyone can call themselves an expert, but can they back it up? LinkedIn is constantly changing and innovating. Being an expert means staying up to date in order to use it effectively, efficiently and ethically as it evolves. Do you choose the person with the loudest most confident voice, the most expensive, the person with the most connections, or the person with …