Connection Couch – Learn How to Use LinkedIn & Video More Effectively

#TheLinkedInCouch - Episode 1

Welcome to the weekly video series with Jo Saunders and Reg Sorrel – the #ConnectionCouch where discuss all things LinkedIn and video, to build your brand and grow your business.

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 E1 The 3 types of video you can share on LinkedIn

Discover what they are and how can you use them in the first episode of #TheLinkedInCouch S01E01

Video can be used In your newsfeed via a profile or company post, or connected to your profile.

  1. Post – hosted on LinkedIn – short life span in the home feed
  2. Post – link to an externally hosted video – short life span in the home feed
  3. Linked Media – link to an externally hosted video – longer life span connected to the  profile



E2 Why aren’t you using video on LinkedIn?  What are you scared of?

Some of the barriers we discuss are:

  • Reluctance to be in the video (quick tip, you don’t have to)
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of equipment
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Actually making mistakes
  • Struggling with content Ideas

Are any of the above holding you back? What other barriers have stopped you?



E3  To get started with DIY video, what equipment do you need?

Small improvements make the biggest of differences with video.  Watch this video to learn about the entry level equipment to get started.

Here are the five basic takeaways from the video:

  1. Use the latest smart device you can
  2. Buy a mount and a tripod for a steady picture
  3. Buy a microphone for quality sound
  4. Use natural light when you can
  5. Invest in an on-camera light to start off

Equipment Mentioned in this videos are:

*All above links were live at the time of publishing



E4. What not to do when creating videos for LinkedIn.

Pointing out the pit falls and bad habits to make sure your videos on LinkedIn have impact.  Here are the five basic takeaways from the video:

  1. Consider your surroundings before pressing record
  2. Take note of what you wear compared to your background
  3. Be yourself on camera
  4. Have focus and stay on topic, no waffling.
  5. Never try to sell directly through LinkedIn

WATCH:  #TheLinkedInCouch S01E04


E5 How to repurpose your video content on LinkedIn.

10 great ways to re-purpose the video you produce for LinkedIn.

  1. Upload to YouTube
  2. Upload to Twitter
  3. Upload to Instagram
  4. Upload to Quora
  5. Send out with your Newsletter
  6. Use the script as a blog post.
  7. Embed on a LinkedIn Blog post
  8. Upload to G+
  9. Embed on your website
  10. Upload to Facebook

Did we miss anything?

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E6  LinkedIn Company Pages and Video

  1. What is a Company Page?
  2. How do you use video on a Company Page.
  3. How do you leverage your videos on your Company Page.

Did you know even know that you can have company pages?

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E7 Career Change and Job Search

Time for a change in career or are you in the job market? Then this episode is for you.

  1. How should you approach LinkedIn when you are just starting out in your career.
  2. How do you explain gaps in your career?
  3. How do you account for gaps in your career?

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E8 How to prepare to use video at events

This week Reg discusses why and how you can use video at events. Jo demonstrates what not to do, and how to improve. A big thanks to Sharron Attwood for being in this episode, and demonstrates how to do video well.

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E9 How to avoid being in your LinkedIn Video

Are you scared of getting in front of a video camera? You don’t have to be.  In this episode, Reg gives advice on how you can overcome one of the biggest hurdles small business owners and entrepreneurs put in front of themselves; talking on camera.

Reg has 4 tips for Jo on how you can still benefit from the power of video, but still keep your super hero persona a secret.

WATCH:  #TheLinkedInCouch S01E09


E10 How To Update Your LinkedIn Headline

Take control when updating your #LinkedIn profile and ensure your HEADLINE is a positioning statement and not a job title.

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E11 How to use Notifications to Start a Conversation

We discuss best practices when it comes to using notifications on LinkedIn and why they are an overlooked trigger to start conversations.



E12  How To Back Up Your LinkedIn Profile

It is important to download your data so you have a full copy of your profile data, your content, connections and so much more. Never rely on a 3rd party tool with your data.

WATCH: #TheLinkedInCouch S01E12


E13 How To Reignite Your Content

Learn a few methods that you can use to breathe life back into pieces of content you’ve already published. From using #hashtags, to re-thinking your copy to encourage discussion, to tagging key people are al



E14 How To Use the LinkedIn app for Networking in Person

Did you know your LinkedIn app has an inbuilt digital business card?  Use these LinkedIn app features to networking in person.

QR codes are back with a fabulous purpose. They are great if you have a common/popular name or a difficult to spell name. Reg isn’t convinced.  QR Codes – Hot or Not?

Find and connect to people in the room at a conference or event such as #LinkedInLocal  Use the Nearby feature by turning it on and having everyone else in the room do the same. Reg is impressed.

WATCH:  #TheLinkedInCouch S01E14


E15 Use Your Name on LinkedIn the Right Way

This week we chat about how you use your name within your LinkedIn profile. Is it a good idea to use emojis or other text to stand out?

Keep your name on LinkedIn PURE. Your name is your name…. position yourself in your HEADLINE 🙂

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E16 How to Connect to a 3rd Degree contact on LinkedIn

Learn how and why to engage with people 3 degrees away on LinkedIn.  We discuss connection best practice, and the value of following and engaging before connecting.

If there is no Connect button on a profile how can you connect? People 3 degrees away will show Follow by default, and some may have changed their settings to show Follow.  There is a way, and it is easy.

Click on More, then locate Connect, or choose Personalise to send an introduction message.

If you aren’t ready to connect, why not follow them. This way you could see their updates in your home feed which you can engage with, but they won’t see yours.  This allows you to build a relationship with them and raise your visibility with them and their network.

What does this look like?

  • Reg is connected to Jo, she becomes his 1stdegree connection.
  • Jo is connected to Bob, therefore Bob is Reg’s 2nddegree connection.
  • Bob is connected to Barbara, who becomes Jo’s 2nddegree connection, and Reg’s 3rddegree connection.

When Reg shares an update on LinkedIn, Jo may see if in her home feed.  If she engages, Bob may see it in his home feed.  Bob may choose to engage, giving it exposure to Barbara via her home feed.  It is all determined by the algorithm

In the reverse direction, if Barbara shares an update, it may appear in Bob’s home feed.  If he adds a comment or like it may appear in Jo’s home feed.  If she decided to engage, then it may appear in Reg’s home feed.

Reach your ideal connections through your network. Connect strategically, and engage with them. The power of LinkedIn isn’t just from posting your content but engaging with your connections and reaching their network.

A content strategy should include an engagement strategy to interact and build relationships with your connections.



E17 Using LinkedIn to Bring People Together

In episode 17, Jo explains different ways you can use the LinkedIn platform or app to bring different people together. Not sure what that means? Watch the episode to find out!

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E18 How to Use LinkedIn Audio Messages To Connect

Have you tried using audio on the LinkedIn app? Jo shares a handy feature to help you communicate on a much more personal level. Watch to find out more and get some great ways to use audio messages.

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E19 How to Celebrate a Win on LinkedIn

How can you share your small and big wins on LinkedIn without sounding like you are bragging, tooting your own horn, or worse, the humblebrag. Celebration posts are are a great way to engage as people love to see people being rewarded for their efforts.

WATCH: #TheLinkedInCouch


E20 Using Filters (Stickers) on LinkedIn Video

In this episode Jo enlightens Reg about Stickers (yes stickers!!!), a new feature on LinkedIn. These stickers/filters/overlays are available on videos you record through the app.

Before jumping in and adorning your videos with fun stickers, consider your professional brand and how they fit in on LinkedIn.  Has the influence of Snapchat gone too far?

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E21 How to use Storytelling to Engage your LinkedIn Network

We all love a good story. We discuss the power of storytelling and how you can use stories within your business on video and Linkedin. Stories for your customers to get to know you and your business. Which expands on the premise of doing business with people we know like and trust.

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E22 How To Ask For a Video Testimonial

Do you use Video Testimonials in your business? No. Not sure how or when to ask for one? Not sure how to use on if you did manage to record one? Watch this episode as Reg, gives you great advice on how to work Video Testimonials into your process.

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E23 How To Take Your Videos To The Next Level

What is beyond shooting on your mobile device?  In this episode Reg shares how you can use 3 tools on your desktop to take your DIY videos up a notch. Do you use any of these tools or others in your video production?

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