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How to share LIVE Video on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Live is Coming! LinkedIn is launching live video in beta to the US first, this week!  LinkedIn Live will be invite-only initially, giving people and organisations the ability to broadcast real-time video to select groups, or to the LinkedIn world at large. A staggered release is a smart move, particularly for a data-intensive activity. Imagine if all 610M+ members started broadcasting …

How to Convert your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

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Do you have a Facebook Profile in a business, organisation or event name that really should be a Facebook Page? What is the difference between a Profile and a Page? Whether you only want to use Facebook for business, you require a profile to manage your Page (or Group).  Your profile doesn’t have to be visible or active but does …

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How Schools and their Teams can use LinkedIn

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Linkedin is the largest professional network and ranks highly in search results, but are people seeking a school for their children in LinkedIn? Possibly not, but of this network of professionals, many will have children, and some seek to work with schools. Why not build a presence to intersect where the eyes are, while amplifying the brand presence within search? …

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2019 LinkedIn Profile Quest

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Your presence on LinkedIn can enhance your visibility, authority, and influence. Just like a shadow, your LinkedIn profile follows you around making an impact on your personal brand. It presents a massive opportunity to connect with those who matter in your professional world. If it’s been a while since you considered your personal brand or you have no clue what to do …

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Who are YOUR LinkedIn Top Voices?

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LinkedIn just released their Top Voices Lists. These are the members whose posts, articles, videos and comments are driving engaging conversations in their industries and countries. Over 2 million posts, videos and articles are shared each day, resulting in tens of thousands of comments every hour — all generating tens of millions more shares and likes. So how do you …

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The Human Connection – #LinkedInLocal

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Bringing people together is something I have always loved.  When we look back, the things that bring us joy are often connected by the same thread. Whether through running events and conferences, running a club for people seeking penfriends around the world, or teaching people the art of using LinkedIn to….. it is all about connection. It is what fuels …

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The LinkedIn Expert List

In LinkedIn for Companies, LinkedIn for Individuals, LinkedIn Strategy by Jo Saunders7 Comments

What is a LinkedIn expert? When engaging any expert, how do you know they are the best expert for you?  How do you know what you’re getting when you engage a LinkedIn specialist, trainer, or consultant? LinkedIn is constantly changing and innovating. How do you find someone who can help you get set up and start using it effectively, efficiently …

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#LinkedInLocalPerth – Meet Your Perth LinkedIn Network

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As a branding and marketing professional who has chosen to specialise in LinkedIn, I love the value LinkedIn provides, but I equally love connecting in person. Nothing beats face to face. #LinkedInLocalPerth beings the online and offline world together. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network and the perfect place to connect and build relationships with people in your …

The New Look LinkedIn Profile 2018

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LinkedIn has a slightly new look profile on desktop. A few small tweaks make for a more aesthetically pleasing profile, that functions better. 8 Profile changes and how you can take action to stay up to date Photo position / Background Overlay Your profile photo should still work, but change is always a good time to review and look at …

How to Measure Your Social Media Influence

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So you want to be a Social Media Influencer? What is social media influence and how does one become a social media influencer?  Is it a job, or is it something you become through being useful, engaged and talented in your niche. Influence can be measured, thanks to tools such as Klout, which was founded by Joe Fernandez in 2009, …

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How to Build your LinkedIn Profile even if you Think you Have a #BoringBusiness

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LinkedIn is the platform I specialise in, but I love meeting and connecting with people in person. Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW18) is the largest social media conference in the world, bringing together specialists, experts and supporters of social media topics, tools and techniques.  I met many fabulous people over the 4 days in San Diego, including the lovely people …