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LinkedIn Training in South Perth

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LinkedIn Training in Perth Learn and implement in the 3 part LinkedIn workshops in South Perth next month, for less than $60! Tuesday September 3rd 9am – 3:30pm,  South Perth Library Part1 LinkedIn Audit Profile & Company Page BOOK  Part 2 LinkedIn Networking – Finding, connecting and Networking BOOK Part3 LinkedIn Content – Planning, Publishing & Promoting BOOK Book each …

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2019 Social Media Marketing Awards Finalist

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Helping professionals, teams, graduates and students build a brand and relationships using social media tools such as  LinkedIn is what Jo Saunders does.  Whether through an in-house seminar, a conference presentation, a lecture theatre, hands-on workshop, online course or video, Jo loves to educate and enlighten when it comes to LinkedIn and social media marketing.  As the only finalist from …

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4 Social Media Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Social media marketing can be overwhelming and time-consuming for any business owner. Making strategic marketing decisions, optimising and branding your social media platforms and creating useful content is important to your marketing success. And unless you live and breathe social media, it can be a challenge to understand how to use it to generate results. Get Sorted is an in-depth self-paced …

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LinkedIn Training for Small Business Owners in WA, QLD & NT

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If you are a small business seeking LinkedIn training, social media tools or digital marketing training or mentoring, you can book me via the Business Station Inc Australian Small Business Advisory Services Digital Solutions Program, in person or via Zoom from your office for just $40 per hour💰 ($20 for your first session💎)! The #ASBAS Digital Solutions Program is a …

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LinkedIn – The Career Tool for Students & Graduates

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46 million students and recent college graduates make up a growing part of the membership. With more than 610M+ members, and a steady growth of 2 new members per second, and 20M open jobs, LinkedIn is an essential marketing and sales tool for anyone at any stage of their career. Whether you are looking to start a business, become a …

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How to share LIVE Video on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Live is Coming! LinkedIn is launching live video in beta to the US first, this week!  LinkedIn Live will be invite-only initially, giving people and organisations the ability to broadcast real-time video to select groups, or to the LinkedIn world at large. A staggered release is a smart move, particularly for a data-intensive activity. Imagine if all 610M+ members started broadcasting …

How to Convert your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

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Do you have a Facebook Profile in a business, organisation or event name that really should be a Facebook Page? What is the difference between a Profile and a Page? Whether you only want to use Facebook for business, you require a profile to manage your Page (or Group).  Your profile doesn’t have to be visible or active but does …

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How Schools and their Teams can use LinkedIn

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Linkedin is the largest professional network and ranks highly in search results, but are people seeking a school for their children in LinkedIn? Possibly not, but of this network of professionals, many will have children, and some seek to work with schools. Why not build a presence to intersect where the eyes are, while amplifying the brand presence within search? …

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2019 LinkedIn Profile Quest

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Your presence on LinkedIn can enhance your visibility, authority, and influence. Just like a shadow, your LinkedIn profile follows you around making an impact on your personal brand. It presents a massive opportunity to connect with those who matter in your professional world. If it’s been a while since you considered your personal brand or you have no clue what to do …

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Who are YOUR LinkedIn Top Voices?

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LinkedIn just released their Top Voices Lists. These are the members whose posts, articles, videos and comments are driving engaging conversations in their industries and countries. Over 2 million posts, videos and articles are shared each day, resulting in tens of thousands of comments every hour — all generating tens of millions more shares and likes. So how do you …

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The Human Connection – #LinkedInLocal

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Bringing people together is something I have always loved.  When we look back, the things that bring us joy are often connected by the same thread. Whether through running events and conferences, running a club for people seeking penfriends around the world, or teaching people the art of using LinkedIn to….. it is all about connection. It is what fuels …

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How to Find a LinkedIn Expert

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What makes a LinkedIn expert? How do you know what you’re getting when you engage a LinkedIn specialist, trainer, or consultant? When engaging any expert, it is important to know how to choose the best expert for you. Anyone can call themselves an expert, but can they back it up? LinkedIn is constantly changing and innovating. Being an expert means …