LinkedIn Training & Coaching for Experts, Entrepreneurs & Teams

Is LinkedIn Working for You?

  • Is your LinkedIn Presence generating views?

    Your Profile is often the first thing listed in Google for your name. Take control of your positioning.

  • Does your content create conversation?

    Design a content strategy that delivers your expertise to your ideal clients and community

  • Is Your LinkedIn strategy delivering a return on investment?

    Being purposeful in your approach and investing time and effort in the right activities and the right people is key/

Why Use LinkedIn?

Typically my clients want to;

    • Increase brand awareness
    • Attract more leads
    • Increase credibility and trust
    • Attract more talent
    • Build thought leadership
    • Increase sales
    • Engage their team, alumni and community
    • Network and build relationships
    • Attract opportunities
    • Stay up to date in industry
    • Reduce risk, wasted time and effort
    • Take a strategic approach

    The Value of LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. It is a database of people, companies, schools and universities, jobs, events, community, training and information.  Their mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

    Not using LinkedIn or doing it wrong can put your brand and business at risk.

    You may be missing out on visibility in LinkedIn and search engines, being seen as the expert or leader in your field, and being top of mind when your ideal clients and audience really need your support.

    • Energise Your Presence

      Use LinkedIn to build your personal and professional brand.

    • Establish Credibility

      Share your back story, vision and build your thought leadership

    • Enhance Your Visibility

      Be seen more in LinkedIn and the search engines

    • Earn Influence

      Connect and invest in relationship building to attract opportunities and leads

    • Expand Your Impact

      Make a difference to your connections, network and your target market.

    LinkedIn stats
    Linkedin Training

      To be productive and successful you need to know why you are using it and understand how to use it.  This is where I come in. My mission is to show experts, leaders and their teams how to energise their presence, enhance credibility and engage their network through the art of connectfluence™ to earn influence and make an impact.

      Is this You?

      Is this your Organisation?

      • You feel confused, overwhelmed and behind the times when it comes to using LinkedIn to reach your business goals.
      • You are a lurker, unsure how to show up and interact for fear of doing the wrong thing.
      • You don’t know how to present yourself as a professional  in your industry
      • You are unsure how to take advantage of all the features.
      • You rarely post for fear of judgement, doing it wrong or being ignored.
      • You post often but don't get engagement.
      • You don't want to waste time with no return on investment.
      • You see others getting results and want more for yourself.
      • Your organisation has a limited digital footprint meanwhile your competition appear to be everywhere.
      • Your team has no direction, strategic guidance or training and are left to their own devices.
      • Your content gets no engagement so you gave up on LinkedIn.
      • You are unsure of how to leverage the platform aligned with your business goals.
      • You feel LinkedIn could be a time-waster not providing a return on investment.
      • You are concerned that your team may be poached.


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      Why work with Jo Saunders?

      Words from Clients

      “Jo helped me to completely revamp my LinkedIn profile and WOW - what a transformation. Jo's an expert in her field, an absolute breeze to work with and provided me with a huge amount of guidance.” Linda Williamson, all things change
      "I attended a session with Jo and found the content and insights invaluable. Jo is a warm, engaging presenter involving the audience in the session. I highly recommend Jo to anyone looking to improve their online brand. ” Janelle Casey, Chandler Macleod Group

      “Her skill to demystify social media and clear processes to help improve your online presence is fabulous. What I loved about working with Jo was her focus on building real relationships, through electronic means, for mutual benefit.” Tasha Broomhall, Blooming Minds
      “The information and tips Jo gave were insightful, useful, and practical and I would highly recommend Jo's courses to anyone that uses social media for business or pleasure.” Michelle Chomiak, St Mark's Anglican Community School

      Topics forLinkedIn Training

      • LinkedIn Personal Brand Building

        Review and rebuild your LinkedIn profile

      • LinkedIn Business Marketing

        Review and build your LinkedIn Page, learn how to share content, engage your team and wider network

      • LinkedIn Content Marketing & Storytelling

        Learn how to plan, produce and publish your content

      • LinkedIn Networking & Social Selling

        Discover the power of connection, search and relationship building strategies

      • LinkedIn Career Building

        Use LinkedIn to find jobs , attract opportunities and support your job applications

      Improve Your LinkedIn & Personal Branding Knowledge