Connectfluence Show

Connectfluence is the art of connecting to earn influence and make an impact. In this show delivered in LinkedIn Live each Tuesday, I interview industry experts and community leaders.

Episode 1 – Using video content to collect

Reg Sorrell

🎬 Why video matters
🎬 The types of video and when to use them
🎬 The equipment required to DIY
🎬 When it is appropriate to bring in a professional



Episode 2 – Bringing people together using an online event

Julia Steel

πŸ”₯ What inspired Julia Steel to put on a Leadership ‘Live-Aid’
πŸ”₯ How did one woman bring together 172 of the most forward-thinking leaders, experts and performers in a continuous, 19-day online conference
πŸ”₯ What is next for #Vid19Conference 


Episode 3 – Disrupting the Events Industry Before Pivoting was a Necessity

Alecia Hancock and I discuss

  • Where the idea of running a free event came from
  • How the event was impacted by COVID
  • How to book #Unite2020 Reboot, which I’m speaking at.