When we feel truly fabulous we flourish. 

Fabulosity is you at your best, living in alignment with your values and strengths. Find your fabulosity in those micro moments that light you up and make you feel fabulous.

We are all fabulous, but we often forget especially when we are challenged, overwhelmed or feeling like a failure. Fabulosity is a methodology to fix that.

My aim is to create a movement of positive self image. When we feel fabulous, we send ripples of infectious energy that has the power to influence change in others. And who doesn’t love being around energised happy people? 

Even with a positive mindset, clear values and healthy habits, there are days when we will struggle, have reached a tipping point and emotions take hold. Use this simple tool to be your future cheerleader and emotional disrupter by banking those tiny fleeting moments for when you need them.

Find fabulosity in those micro moments that light you up and make you feel fabulous. 

Notice what makes you go ‘woo hoo’, do a happy dance, and feel momentary joy, excitement, pride, gratitude, awe and love.

Create a habit to savor it, capture it and bottle it in your Fabulosity jar. This way you can use it later to give you a boost.

Here are three categories of fabulosity to look out for;

The Fabulosity formula methodology
Fabulosity activation steps

Ready to get started?

First, decorate your jar, to make it your own. My jars start blank with the label. Add sparkle, colour or words to represent your values and strengths.

Then place it in view so you are reminded to use it. Consider where you spend time most, and where you are when you need a boost.  I keep mine on my desk. 

Finally develop a ritual to capture and then celebrate your fabulosity when you need a boost of dopamine, reminder of who you are at your best and what is possible.

Creating a ritual, will take time.  Start by noticing how you feel and look at what was happening and why you may feel that way.

Notice when you feel fabulous….

  • Savour the feeling and identify the positive emotion behind it and your value in action.
  • Capture the scenario; the story – your strength – the success – the sensation.
  • Bottle it – Date it and deposit it into your mindset bank.

Notice when you feel challenged…

What action triggered the feeling, what else is going on for you and which of your values were challenged? Are there triggers or patterns you want to break out of? What would you like the situation to be like and feel like? Use your fabulosity to take control and influence change in how you feel and refocus your energy.

  1. Reconnect with positive feelings by reading captured fabulosity
  2. Remind yourself how fabulous you are.
  3. Refuel your mindset
  4. Reset your focus and progress your aspirations, goals and big vision.

Give yourself permission to be your absolutely unapologetically fabulous self.

Need a Boost?

 One of my strengths is seeing possibilities for others.  I do this through listening to what you really want, identifying your strengths, coming up with divergent, creative ideas and being a blend of sounding-board, cheerleader and accountability partner.


If you are unsure how to get started, feel stuck, overwhelmed or don’t feel ready or good enough, lets chat. I have been there and still need to work through overload and emotional reaction.  I wasn’t always this connected to my fabulosity, and I wasn’t always bubbling with positive energy. I chose to change and adopt a positive mindset. I look for the opportunity in every situation, and can’t help but see a glass half full with space to add flavour, experience and conection through adventure, growth and development.


What I am really good at is supporting others. If you are holding back, isn’t it time to give yourself permission to be truly fabulous and let the world really see you?  When you connect with just how fabulous you are, you will inspire others who are frustrated.


Book a complimentory fabulosity finder chat to get started.  We WILL find some micro moments to get you started, I know it!