LinkedIn Mentoring with Jo Saunders

Is  Your LinkedIn Presence Working For You?

LinkedIn is the central communication tool, alongside your website/blog, other social media, to help you enhance visibility, establish authority and earn influence.

How is your LinkedIn presence currently performing? 

LinkedIn is an essential tool in your marketing and social selling tool kit. To build your personal brand or company brand you must have an optimised professional profile, a value-focused content strategy and an engagement strategy.

Whether you are a graduate, a specialist, executive or entrepreneur transitioning from technical expert to thought leader, there is a Mentoring Program to suit you.

You not only refresh your online presence but put your LinkedIn profile to work. Together we build your strategy, engage with your ideal connections, and set your activity and metrics for success.


There are two options available to suit your learning style and budget.  Firstly the individual program, customised to your specific needs, or the group programs, which run a few times a year.


The Connectfluence Program kicks off with a planning session, a review, a strategy session and regular Zoom sessions at an agreed time.  In between sessions, there is email support, bonus training Q&A webinars and access to resources.

The Zoom sessions can be weekly for 6 weeks, fortnightly over 3 months, or monthly for 6 months. We look at where you are, where you want to be, and guide you through the steps to fill the gaps in knowledge, actions and outcomes, with accountability. We review what worked, what challenges you came across and any new updates to your situation or changes to outcomes.

  • Identify and find ideal clients and contacts – roles, industry, organisations
  • How to increase your brand presence and visibility
  • Connection strategy – how to find, connect & accept requests
  • How to engage with ideal contacts
  • Relationship management
  • Leveraging physical and virtual event attendance
  • Reaching the connections of your connections
  • Gaining social proof through recommendations
  • Content strategy – what to publish
  • How to curate content from others
  • How to create your own content
  • Leveraging speaking and training opportunities
  • Repurposing content for LinkedIn (eg video, presentation slides, blogs)
  • Repurposing LinkedIn content (eg into ebooks, slides, video)
  • How to promote your content in a non-salesy way

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