How to Manage your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Page Set Up

Have you set up a LinkedIn Page for your business or organisation?  This isn’t a separate profile, it is set up from your profile, and you automatically have admin access, and can assign others as various admin roles.

Why set up a LinkedIn Page?

Firstly it is a free landing Page on LinkedIn, which happens to have a strong position in Google, and gives you another listing in the search results.  It also allows you to be found for your business name in LinkedIn alongside your Profile.

Secondly, it creates a hub for your team to connect to from their Profile, which means your logo will then show up on your Profile and theirs once connected.

Thirdly, it is a place to publish content, from posts, to articles and LinkedIn Live videos, and share events, which gives your team content to engage with an amplify, offering visibility and credibility.

How to Set up Your LinkedIn Page

First check if you are the admin of a Page previously set up. If not, do a search to ensure a team member hasn’t already set up a Page.

If you do not have a Page, set one up. Go to the Work menu, scroll to the bottom and select Create Page.

Complete the fields and add a square logo graphic.

Edit Page to complete the rest of the info.

On your Profile edit the Experience section and click in the Company Name box to select the Page. (If you can’t find it, wait and do this later).

How do you find your LinkedIn Page URL?

Each identity on LinkedIn has a unique URL including your Page. To find your Page URL to to go Page, then hit the View as Member button at the top right, then copy the URL in the address bar ignoring anything from the ? character.


Do you have a LinkedIn Page strategy for your business? Get in touch if I can assist you in mapping out your strategy and training your team.