Be a Linkedin rebel with a cause

LinkedIn doesn’t have to be boring, but it isn’t Facebook. Don’t be a bland, don’t fake it, just be you. But how much of you is appropriate for LinkedIn?

  • Know your audience. Know who you want to influence, and what their challenges are.
  • Know your values, your big vision, and own your voice.
  • Know that you are not for everyone and be okay with that.

Get curious. Get comfortable with who you truly are. Get ready to be courageous. When you step into your inner rebel, and lead to serve your ideal audience, you exude confidence.

When you aree brave enough to stand out in your industry and talk about what is not being said you attract those who are ready for the fabulousness that is you.


Is LinkedIn for you?

If you think it isn’t, think again. Being found in Google is one key reason to invest in buildling and optimising your LinkedIn presence. Even in your clients and customers don’t use LinkedIn, they often use search engines.

There are many ways to leverage LinkedIn to build your personal brand and professional network.
Consider the other relationships you need to build. 
Who needs to see you as an expert or leader in your field?
LinkedIn is the largest professional network. Don’t ignore the opportunity it presents.

LinkedIn can be FUN.

Let your inner rebel out to play, and attract your people. 

Dare to be you, to make a difference to the right people.

How much YOU is in your LinkedIn presence right now?



Be true to the real rebellious you to earn respect.

  • Enhance Your Visibility – your profile may already be showin up in Google search for your name, take control.
  • Energise Your Presence – Express your personality to create a seamless transition across experiences.
  • Establish Credibility – Make your expertise clear and showcase your achievements. 
  • Earn Influence – Attract the right people to your LinkedIn gang.
  • Expand Your Impact – Be seen, heard, remembered and make a difference.


Create Rebellious Content

Stuck for ideas?  Combine your expertise, values and personal experiences to come up with ideas for content that isn’t just another AI generated piece of noise.  Stop traffic and use your voice, views and vision, with the occasional vent to really connect and influence action. 


LinkedIn Training for rebels

Without a LinkedIn Strategy Your Reputation Is at Risk. Don’t overlook this highly visible asset. Playing it safe by being bland will not drive action, other than helping your audience to find someone else. 

Infuse your LinkedIn profile with personality and prupose.  Let your inner rebel shine through to attract your crew.

If you are unsure how and need a guide or some courage, let’s work together to bring your inner rebel out. Choose the right support for you rigt now.


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