How to share LIVE Video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Live Video

LinkedIn Live is Coming! LinkedIn is launching live video in beta to the US first, this week!  LinkedIn Live will be invite-only initially, giving people and organisations the ability to broadcast real-time video to select groups, or to the LinkedIn world at large. A staggered release is a smart move, particularly for a data-intensive activity. Imagine if all 610M+ members started broadcasting live at once! Right now it is in beta release.  Check out those few who have it; Cathy Hackl, Chris Strubb, Goldie Chan… Why Use Video on LinkedIn? Video is the next best thing to in-person.  It opens up our …


How to use LinkedIn Native Video

Better late than never. LinkedIn is finally rolling out native video to the mobile app. Being a B2B and career platform, video adds another layer to your professional storytelling ability without having to create and publish elsewhere. Thanks to Koka Sexton for the heads up. From sharing video with updates, to attaching video as rich media, smart professionals and marketers have been using video for years, understanding the growing value proposition it offers. Now LinkedIn are giving us native video to finally catch up with other major social networks. The difference with LinkedIn is that the purpose of the platform is …