AJ Wilcox

Jo is INCREDIBLE when it comes to LinkedIn. I recently had the chance to listen to her speak about best uses of LinkedIn Company Pages at the Social Media Marketing World conference, and she blew my mind. I deal with LinkedIn daily, and I was writing notes like crazy. What you get with Jo is real, actionable insights. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to work with Jo!

Emma Sharrock

As a coach and trainer, I am always looking out for ways to position myself in the market, and Jo’s thought leadership, guidance and tools have been exceptionally helpful for me in improving my LinkedIn presence. What I loved the most about Jo’s workshop at PMI (and her knowledge sharing in general) is how she breaks down the concepts simply so I can easily execute on them. She truly is a de-mystifier!

Paul McCarthy

As the director of the Marketers Club we thrilled to have Jo share here LinkedIn wisdom on one of our exclusive members-only HOW TO webinars. Our members are all small business owners who are hungry for practical advice to help them save time and earn more. Jo delivered in spades. Our people loved the information she shared and rated her session as one of the the most valauble of the year. Many have already implemented what they learned and are reaping the benefits. If you’re looking for someone to guide you with succeeding on this platform, then I suggest you …

Andrew Pickering

We got Jo to deliver an online training to our membership group,and she knocked it out of the park. The session went down astorm and all our members gave her rave reviews. Her LinkedInknowledge is deep, and Jo knows how to teach in a way thatmakes it accessible and NOT BORING.

Michelle Chomiak

As a Digital Technologies specialist teacher and ex software developer, I have followed Jo’s business for over 10 years. I recently had the opportunity to attend one of her professional learning sessions on using Social Media at the recent ECAWA conference. The information and tips Jo gave were insightful, useful, and practical and I would highly recommend Jo’s courses to anyone that uses social media for business or pleasure.

Tina Ambrose

Jo is an exceptional LinkedIn demystifier! We engaged Jo to provide LinkedIn profile advice. The first event was for job-seekers in the in our network who were looking for support to help market themselves better. The second being an Executive focused event for C-Suites looking to improve their personal and/or business brand. As well as positive verbal feedback from both these events, we ran an anonymous survey after the fact which also produced positive results. Happy to recommend Jo’s services and will definitely be partnering with her to host these events again.

Janelle Dorrington

I attended a session with Jo and found the content and insights invaluable. I am a daily LinkedIn user and we do a lot of training with LinkedIn but the extra insights and tips and tricks you share are invaluable. Jo is a warm, engaging presenter involving the audience in the session. I highly recommend Jo to anyone looking to improve their online brand.

Dr Annette J Watkins

Jo is fantastic at engaging others to use Linkedin. She is able to navigate a room and provide useful insights to the beginner as well as the seasoned professional. I have never left a session with Jo without learning one new strategy. Jo is generous with her knowledge, patient with her instructions and creative in her delivery. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone or organisation who wish to understand how to untap the potential of Linkedin. Thank you Jo and keep up the wonderful work.

Louise Cartledge

Working with Jo Saunders was like a breath of fresh air. Her knowledge of Linked In, her well detailed instructions and excellent teaching skills has helped me immeasurably KNOW and UNDERSTAND what was a mystery to me. My fear of crashing my computer has gone!! I can highly recommend Jo as a teacher and expert in her field. Thanks so much Jo. Louise Cartledge Celebrant and Storyteller

Candy Choo

At a trusted colleague’s recommendation, we booked Jo to speakat our Network Forum talking to our members about how tomaximise their LinkedIn profile! I only wished we had booked Jofor longer! Jo was engaging, perfect for an afternoon session.Delegates were left with practical tips to take away! Thanks Jo!