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LinkedIn Career Development

LinkedIn Training for Graduates

To kick start your career and build a professional network, LinkedIn is a valuable free tool that is your swiss army knife. 

Why Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest professional and most trusted social network. With more than 703M+ members, a steady growth of 2 new members per second, and 50M+ companies listed, LinkedIn has become an essential tool to build your brand, business and career.

Thanks for attending my LinkedIn overview session ‘LinkedIn Career Development – The ESSENTIALS, the EXTRAS and the leading EDGE’.  Review my slides and blueprint, and create your action plan.

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 LinkedIn Profile Blueprint

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StudentGuide – Getting started with LinkedIn

Build your LinkedIn Profile

  • Does your profile communicate your story and value?
  • Are you building a network of relevant professionals?
  • Are you engaging with people of influence?

The 5 Essential Parts of Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Headline – a future-focussed positioning statement. WATCH >>>
  2. About – Your vision, values and voice
  3. Photo – a recent headshot with a professional feel
  4. Skills – relevant to your skills and expertise
  5. Contact info – be easy to call/email

Bonus tip 

Ask for recommendations and give them where relevant. READ: How to say thanks with a LinkedIn Recommendation.

LinkedIn Networking Tips

Connect to or follow people who are your ideal contacts, future employers, recruiters, leaders and their organisations, to stay up to date and show interest.

  • Who are the decision-makers that you could follow or connect to?
  • Who else works for or with the organisations that are worth engaging with?
  • Don’t forget to follow the company page.

Watch this short video series to learn how to network on LinkedIn:

Creating, curating and conversing on LinkedIn allows you to reach beyond your 1stdegree connections. Put 90% of your focus into relationship-building activities, and the other 10% into sharing your own content. Post and engage consistently to increase your visibility.

5 LinkedIn Mistakes

  1. 3rd Person – It is hard to connect with someone talking about themselves.
  2. 1-way communication – Talking AT your network will not help you build relationships.
  3. Lurking – it is important to research, but participation is where the benefits are.
  4. Incomplete – Minimal info and gaps in your profile can lead to questions.
  5. Not having one!  – Not being found can hurt your professional brand. Invest in your digital footprint.

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