LinkedIn Lead Gen for VAs

LinkedIn lead generation for VAs

LinkedIn training to future-proof Your VA Business

Thanks for attending Demystifying LinkedIn for generating leads without being spammy as part of the Virtual Assistants Conference 2022. 

We need an optimised presence, but to get real value from LinkedIn we need to understand how to use it, and then use it consistently.

If this social media platform shares you, consider this; if you are not visible you simply aren’t valuable.  People are looking for connection and inspiration not perfection, so get out there and connect and engage.

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LinkedIn Contribution Action List


Your LinkedIn profile helps you get found and communicates your value 24/7.  It plays a huge part in search results – just google my name and yours.

Your name, photo and headline are what I call your digital footprint – it is what people see first. The words used in your profile help you get found and the text under your name (Headline) gives context into what you do.  Get into the head of your ideal connections and clients – use the language that they use and understand. What are THEY searching for? Infuse these words into your profile.

Jo Saunders Profile

Here is a reminder of the actions to build an optimised LinkedIn Profile; 

  1. Review and update you LinkedIn footprint (name, photo and headline). Here are some components you can use;
[Expertise] + [Outcome/value for whom] + [How you deliver] 

Watch the video: How to update your Profile Headline to recap: How to Craft Your LinkedIn Headline // with Jo Saunders 

  1. Update your background image 

Size: 1584 x 396 pixels Tip – use Canva to create a collage of photos or a graphic showcasing your expertise, evidence and encourage engagement.

  1. Craft your About section infusing your story, vision and values. 

Up to 2,600 characters to; 

  • Capture attention
  • Create attraction
  • Compel action

As a reminder here is the framework; 

  • Teaser – Capture attention – Future  Statement/Q (~200-250 characters) 
  • Impact – unpack the problem you solve 
  • Who do you work with?  
  • How do you solve the problems?  
  • What qualifies you- achievements, qualifications, experience, powerful testimonal
  • Why? What is your purpose & big vision? And what are you passionate about? 
  • What Next – invite action (call / email / book) 

Jo Saunders - Audio

  1. Add a name pronunciation (voice recording) on mobile 


  1. Review the Experience section

Determine if you can add multiple roles for core services such as Keynote Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Author 

    1. Review your title – add keywords
    2. Ensure you are connected to the your Page
    3. Add a description about the role, the problems you solve for your clients and community and the impact

Jo Saunders - Skills

  1. Update and rearrange your skills, get endorsed for key skills and seek recommendations.

LinkedIn Featured

  1. Identify content to add to the Featured section including speaker show reel, blogs, LinkedIn Articles, and posts previously shared.
  2. Update Contact details to ensure your email address and phone number are accurate. Include up to 3 key links to web links, and customise your profile URL.
  3. Determine if you would like to turn off the People Also Viewed section (AKA Squattters).

          Me > Settings & Privacy > Account Preferences > People Also Viewed

  1. Add a Cover Story Video behind your profile photo.  This could be you speaking to camera (Talking head), video or slideshow of you in action with voice over, or get creative, but you do have just 30 seconds.



LinkedIn Profile Blueprint

LinkedIn Profile Blueprint Updates

If you would like to receive an update of my blueprint whenever it is updated (as LinkedIn changes) then feel free to sign up for updates via this LINK.


  • Update your LinkedIn ProfileWhat are your top 3 actions or tips you took away from the presentation? Email me, message me or share with an image and @mention me on LinkedIn, or your social media platform of choice.


LinkedIn Strategy

Learn how to use LinkedIn.

Connect or follow the people you discover or meet, the organisations they work with, and the people you want to influence.

  • Who are the decision-makers that you could book you?
  • Who else works for or with the organisations you want to be known by?
  • Be of service – engage with them.

Creating, curating and conversing on LinkedIn allows you to reach your network beyond your 1stdegree connections. Focus on posting content that adds value not volume and put 90% of your focus into relationship-building activities. Post and engage consistently to increase your visibility and credibility for yourself and your organisation, and take the time to join conversations (which is also part of your content footprint) to build influence.

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