LinkedIn Content Publishing

How to Create, Curate and Engage with Content that Connects

Scared of Posting on LinkedIn?  Learn how with Jo Saunders

Level: intermediate / advanced

You have an optimised LinkedIn profile, now what? Not sure HOW to publish posts and articles on LinkedIn?  

Be found, remembered and chosen more, through being VISIBLE, providing VALUE in your VOICE.  

Discover how you can you reach people and promote your business in a way that isn’t salesy or scary.

Posting content to LinkedIn allows you to establish your thought leadership, enhance your credibility and express yourself through various mediums.  Create and curate content that engages your connections and wider network.


Jo Saunders will show you how to curate, create, publish, promote and drive action using her tried and tested content strategies on LinkedIn.


You will learn how to: 

  1. Use content in various forms
  2. Curate and share content
  3. Create and format content
  4. Plan and repurpose content
  5. Promotion techniques
  6. Measure the performance of your content. 


This hands-on session will give you the knowledge and basic skills to get started with creating content, to build your thought leadership, grow your business or build your brand.


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