LinkedIn Company Page Set Up

How to Build a Professional Presence for Your Business.

Level: basic/intermediate

With over 50 million companies represented on LinkedIn, and almost 700 million members, now is the time to optimise your business presence to leverage the largest professional social network. 

Increase the chance of being found in search engines, create a hub for your team and content, and attract new talent using your LinkedIn Page

“I attended Jo’s session “How to Use a LinkedIn Company Page to Reach Your Ideal Clients” at Social Media Marketing World 2018. Her suggestions were insightful, quantifiable, and (best of all) actionable. It was clear that Jo has expertise the rest of us should heed. Her presentation was organized and sequential, and she was confident and engaging on stage.”


Jo Saunders will show you how to set up, optimise, and manage your company presence on LinkedIn, to increase brand exposure, team and network engagement and become an employer of choice.


You will learn:

  1. How to set up, brand and optimise your Page
  2. How you and your team can connect to your Page
  3. How to share content to match your message and mission
  4. How your team can amplify your content to reach their network
  5. How to build your Page following
  6. How to measure success with analytics
  7. How advertising fits into a company page strategy


This session is suitable for marketing staff and business owners who want to understand how to use a Company Page in your marketing strategy.


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