LinkedIn Profile Building Workshop

Audit & Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

With seconds to make a professional first impression, is your online presence communicating the value of your personal brand?  In business today, your digital footprint is your social currency. The best tool to build your professional personal brand is LinkedIn, and it is free!

LinkedIn is the largest and most powerful professional social network. Your profile must be optimised to be found within LinkedIn but also in search engines such as Google.

Does your profile;

  • Show up in search for the phrases your ideal clients use?
  • Represent your personal brand?
  • Tell your professional story?
  • Showcase your talents and expertise?
  • Share social proof to back up what you do?
  • Invite engagement or action?

Is it up to date and accurate?


Jo Saunders will show you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to improve your online position, in order to be found and chosen.


Work through the sections of your profile to optimise and brand yourself effectively;

  • Digital footprint – optimise your online positioning statement
  • Brand – Discover how to update your visual images and media
  • Journey – use our framework to craft your story
  • Expertise – optimise your roles
  • Knowledge – Showcase your qualifications and professional development
  • Skills – share your range of skills relevant to the work you do
  • Social proof – share evidence and testimonials
  • Contact – make it easy for your ideal audience to get in touch


Update parts of your profile in this hands-on session and leave with a framework to craft your copy and understand what to do to optimise and update your LinkedIn profile.

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