LinkedIn Video Workshop

How to use video to position, engage and communicate effectively

Level: intermediate / advanced

How can you use video in your LinkedIn strategy?

Video can give you increased visibility, helps you connect, and fast tracks your relationship building potential. It allows you to provide value, share your voice in an audio visual manner, personalise your content and interactions to reach and engage your network and beyond.


Jo Saunders will show you how video can be used in your profile, in your posts, articles and messages on LinkedIn.


You will learn how to: 

  1. Identify where video can be used
  2. Create a profile intro video
  3. Create, format and publish video posts
  4. Use video in messages
  5. Use tools to create video
  6. Use tools to repurpose existing content
  7. Measure the success of your videos


This workshop will give you the knowledge and basic skills to get started with creating videos you can use on LinkedIn.


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