Social Media Management Workshop

Schedule Your Social Media with AgoraPulse

Level: intermediate / advanced

Whilst some social media platforms allow for scheduling within the tool, some don’t.  Work smarter, and use one tool to schedule all content, using best practice.

There are many scheduling and management tools, but the one that ticks many boxes for business is AgoraPulse.  It allows you to schedule, manage, listen, measure, and keep track of your social media notifications in one place.


Jo Saunders will show you how to use AgoraPulse to save hours each week. Set up your one-stop tool to manage your content, your engagement and metrics across the major platforms.


You will learn:

  1. How to set up AgoraPulse
  2. How to publish and schedule content to each platform
  3. How to create a content queue
  4. The benefit of using AgoraPulse to review your content
  5. Measuring success through fans and followers
  6. Metrics and reports


This session is suitable for anyone with one or more social media profiles, outside of Facebook/Instagram, ready to create content and manage engagement using one tool.


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