Design and Deliver a Webinar

Get Started with Zoom

Level: basic / intermediate

Do you want to conduct virtual meetings, run webinars or training?  Zoom is a fabulous tool to add to your business toolkit that allows you to see the people in your meeting and share information with them easily.

Whether you want to use for meetings or in groups, Zoom has become the go-to video meeting and webinar tool.  It has features to deliver valuable live training, or recorded training for your programs.


Jo Saunders will show you how to set up and use free version of Zoom to add value to your clients, create products, deliver services or conduct meetings.  Once you understand how to use it, you may decided to upgrade to the pro account.


You will learn:

  1. How to set up Zoom meetings and events
  2. Web conferencing features including sharing your webcam or screen
  3. Collaboration using the whiteboard and breakout room features
  4. Recording and managing your files
  5. Tips and tricks to run better meetings and events.


This session is suitable for anyone looking to use technology more effectively in their business, to add value or build better relationships. 


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