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How Is Your LinkedIn Presence Performing?

If you have built an optimised LinkedIn Profile, or attended a LinkedIn workshop and are not sure what to do next, to build and leverage your presence read on.

LinkedIn is an essential tool in your marketing and social selling tool kit. To build your personal or company brand you must have an optimised professional profile, a value-focused content strategy which will enhance your visibility and credibility and a connection strategy to build a network and earn influence

Whether you are seeking a single intensive half-day session to give you a head start, or you require ongoing  accountability and support, there is a support package for you. Together we can optimise your LinkedIn presence, build your content and engagement strategy, and set your activity and metrics for success.

The programs are suitable for specialists, leaders, graduates and entrepreneurs.

Feel free to book a chat to check which program will meet your objectives and desired outcomes.

LinkedIn coaching


There are two options available to suit your learning style and budget; the individual program, customised to your specific needs, or the group program, which runs a few times a year.

During the program we build your strategy, activity and metrics for success. We look at where you are now and where you want to be. I guide you through the steps to fill the gaps in knowledge, actions and outcomes, with accountability. We review what worked, what challenges you came across and any relevant updates to your situation, or the platform.


    The Connectfluence Program is a customised program delivered online (limited in-person options) created for individuals. It includes a review, a strategic planning session and Zoom coaching sessions at an agreed time over a 90 day period.  In between, there is email support, and access to online resources. In between sessions, there is email support, bonus Q&A webinars and access to resources.


    These online group programs are delivered a few times a year. Providing online learning, coaching/mentoring with group support and access to resources, and the recordings of the weekly group sessions. 1. ENERGISE - Build a professional presence 2. ENGAGE - Build relationships and enhance your credibility.

Energise Group Program


Quarterly Program
  • 1. Goals & Footprint
  • 2. Branding & Settings
  • 3. Background
  • 4. Your Story
  • 5. Social Proof
  • 6. Performance
  • +Resources
  • +Group Support
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Engage Group Program


Quarterly Program

  • 1. Content Planning session

  • 2. Content Publishing

  • 3. Connection Strategy

  • 4.Social Triggers

  • 5. Networking & Engagement

  • 6. Connection Management & Performance

  • + Resources

  • + Group Support

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What Is Covered in the Connectfluence Program?

  • Increase your brand presence and visibility

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  • Research and find ideal clients and contacts

    Connection strategy - how to find the right people using search techniques

  • Connect & accept requests best practice

    How to start building relationships

  • Engage with ideal contacts

    How to manage your relationships

  • Reaching the connections of your connections

    The benefits of an engagement strategy

  • Social proof through recommendations

    How to seek recommendations and endorsements

  • Content strategy – what to publish

    Planning and producing content that connects

  • How to create your own content

    Content creation tools and techniques

  • How to curate content from others

    Sourcing and sharing content best practice

  • Repurposing content

    Extending the life of content using video, images, presentation slides, blogs etc

  • How to promote your content in a non-salesy way

    Content amplification strategies

  • Measuring your performance

    Tools and techniques to measure your success


If you are just starting to build your presence, or have attended some LinkedIn training and don’t know what to do next, and you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some work, then these programs are for you. 

Looking for a quick fix? This program probably isn’t for you. Automation tools that breach the LinkedIn User Agreement and put your presence at risk are not something we recommend, but you will find others who will teach these sorts of things. 

No bandwidth to do the work, then engage us directly to Reboot your LinkedIn Profile



Get in touch to check availability


  • September 2020


  • November 2020

Live session times will be shared, and may vary week to week do to the schedule of Jo Saunders. If you cannot attend live, the recording will be shared within 48 hours, and support will be available for any questions you have.

No bandwidth to do the work, then engage us directly to Reboot your LinkedIn Profile.