How to Give a LinkedIn Recommendation

How to Give LinkedIn Recommendations

When did you last give someone a testimonial, review or recommendation? Social proof is a powerful gift that doesn’t have to take a lot of time but can make a big impact. Using the LinkedIn recommendation feature to show appreciation, support a colleague and help them increase their credibility, skills and values in a way that is visible and transparent.  How we speak about others shows a lot about our values and how we communication.  A recommendations shows up on the receiver and the giver’s profiles, with the first few lines shown as a preview. When you give a recommendation …

How to Leverage LinkedIn with Networking

How to leverage Linkedin Networking

Networking doesn’t have to start with meeting online or in-person at an event. Here are some tips to kick start a future relationship with potential clients, collaborators and referral partners.  Create a LinkedIn networking strategy including the three key phases of events; pre-event, live-event, and post-event.  PRE-EVENT  Before the event build your personal brand awareness, connect and engage.  Research about the event, from the speakers, to the organisation, sponsors, partners and potential attendees. Post about your intention to attend the event on LinkedIn (mention relevant people such as speakers, other attendees, organisers and sponsors). Make a list of people you …

Do Emojis belong on LinkedIn?

Jo Saunders

Are emojis making LinkedIn too casual? Emojis can be a great way to quickly communicate emotion, personality and context with your text on LinkedIn. They can make text easier to read and remember and support your brand. As we become more relaxed in our language and the average user age on LinkedIn drops, the experience evolves. We almost expect younger people to use emojis, and as with any trend, they flow into other groups of people, but has communication changed to accept them as extensions of our language? According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, love and belonging is our third …

How to Set Up and Manage your LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn Page Set Up

Have you thought about setting up a LinkedIn Page for your business or organisation? Did you know this was a thing?  This isn’t a profile in the name of a business, but the function of a Page set up from your profile.  You must have a profile in order to set up a Page, and you automatically have admin access as the Page creator but can assign additional admins in your organisation or support network. Admins have various levels of access, and it is good practice to have a backup just in case you lose access. Why set up a …

Find a LinkedIn Expert in 2022

How to find a LinkedIn Expert

How do you find the right LinkedIn expert to support and guide you? Guest the latest list of global LinkedIn thought leaders, trainers, consultants and mentors, including Jo Saunders, the LinkedIn Demystifier.

LinkedIn Expert Predictions 2021

LinkedIn Expert Predictions

With working remotely LinkedIn has become an essential tool to communicate and stay connected to our professional networks. During 2020 LinkedIn rolled out some fabulous features to improve the platform, and continues to improve the experience for the user. But what is in store for 2021?  I asked some of my friends, fellow LinkedIn experts around the world to share their LinkedIn predictions for 2021. Watch the video or read the summary, then let me know your predictions or wishes for LinkedIn. LinkedIn Expert Predictions Here is the summary of what is discussed in the video, and in the predictions …

Does Santa Claus Use LinkedIn?

Santa Clause on LinkedIn

As Santa gets ready, albeit masked-up and sanitised for his annual festive expedition delivering gifts to children around the world, how do we find him in this modern, connected world?   We used to write notes and send them up the chimney, post letters via a convenient custom postbox at the local shops, and then along came technology and the ability to send a message via an online form. But did you know you can easily find Santa on LinkedIn? The trick is working out which one is actually him. Just search for ‘Santa’ on LinkedIn and you will find 13,000 …

How to Use LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories Australian members woke up to the new Stories feature on Thursday 18th June.  This new feature works very much like Stories on other social media platforms such as Instagram and allows individuals to share short posts that only show up in stories on the mobile app for 24 hours. Isn’t this feature too ‘Instagram-esque’?   “LinkedIn found that members and executives wanted a more relaxed way to share more frequently, and Stories offers that in spades.” I was invited to the launch briefing along with fellow LinkedIn trainers, social media leaders and content creators to hear about the features.  …

Restarting 2020 // How to Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

Is your 2020 going to plan?  Maybe it is time to review your LinkedIn profile and look at where you are now and where you are going now and in 2021.   Earlier this year I was asked to contribute a piece for the Motivating your Mind … Inspiring your Spirit ebook by Rob Salisbury.  It features 75 industry experts from Australian, American, Canadian, German, Hong Kong, Malaysian, New Zealand, Singaporean, South African, Sri Lankan and United Arab Emirates. I hope my article inspires and motivates you to take action in relation to your LinkedIn presence in the coming year. Download …


21 Steps to Your Professional LinkedIn Presence for 2020

LinkedIn Profile Update 2020

With the increasing popularity of the LinkedIn, when did you last update your LinkedIn profile, review your connection or content strategy? If you want to make an impact in 2020, use LinkedIn to enhance your visibility, establish your authority and earn influence with your network. Be Current Having a half-complete profile is a missed opportunity to stand out and make an impact.  Take the time to establish your current position, share your back story, and infuse your future aspirations and impact you want to make into your profile.  You cannot have influence if you cannot be seen. Add in new …